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    Sammie Holmes

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 07 October 2012 20:37| 0 Comments


    Sammie Holmes is the latest introduction to the GH hiphop community as the artiste releases his second single 'Medo' a high life music fused with hip hop (which talks about his passion and love for music) ft Pola, the High Life King produced by the "Super talented" Producer, O.D.B

    Sammie Holmes who realized he could rap a year 2 years ago, after 10 years in the business world successfully, said he's never had this kind of passion towards anything he ever than in his life compared to the passion he has for music.

    This he said: 'together with my team we promised ourselves to make a huge impact in the music world not only in Ghana but internationally, even though it looks like Hip hop in Ghana is now gaining roots, we owe the world if we don't do our part to make it stay'.

    His first hit single; 'LEGENDARY' was with Pigen Music, free stylist rapper Nsemkua (Yaa Pono), L.J a super 16 years old rapper, produced by DJ Kilo, a new sound engineer with a different attitude towards music with Wadada Promotion inside Dzorwulu.

    Hip hop is a culture, is a life style that talks about the identity of people, giving the world the uniqueness of their identity and that is what Sammie Holmes and the We.T.O Group represents.

    The hip hop community just got better as its welcomes Sammie Holmes; you can call him the High Life, Hip Hop artiste as he fuses the two genres, just like how people fuse RNB and hip hop.

    In his last words, Sammie Holmes quoted few bars from his new single: "We.T.O boyz in the building making History.. This world bi so so cold,
    they try to take u from me... Told me am way too old, stick to ur misery...But tic tac, tic tac, i can smell the Vistory... , Thanks Ghana, Thanks Africa, Thanks Music Lovers.. Big shoutz to Faisal Banda... We.T.O

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