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    posted Sunday, 23 September 2012 12:33| 0 Comments


    The gospel music industry has in recent years experienced such massive explosion of talents that Ghanaians now have the luxury of being treated to new albums virtually on daily basis.

    Whereas most of them focus solely on churning out songs to the public and performing at concerts and programs, a few others are blessed with the dexterity to combine music with other socially beneficial projects.

    One of such rare talents is new gospel sensation Patience Aseweh Abor (a.k.a WEGEIWOR). The new ‘kid on the block’ is out with an explosive album entitled ‘OH JESUS’ The eight track album is set to hit the Ghanaian market in an unprecedented fashion come this September.

    Apart from being blessed with a great voice and excellent artistic prowess, Wegeiwor also has a deep passion for the vulnerable and is already embarking on a project to better the lots of women and children in Kayoro, an obscure village in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

    The project includes providing capacity building and resource allocation for the Kayoro Women Association as well as assisting the main government school in the community with books and other learning equipment.

    According to the singer cum philanthropist, another great desire on her heart is to contribute meaningfully to ensure that Ghana continues to hold on to the peace being enjoyed by its people.

    She has thus composed a national peace song which is set to roll on the TV screens and blur on radio stations sometime later this month.

    “Ghana is the envy of the world when it comes to promoting peaceful co-existence among its people. We must all ensure that this great treasure (Peace) does not slip through our fingers after the December elections. So I came out with this song to complement the good effort of some of my colleague musicians, religious bodies and other leaders in the country. The song is both in English and Hausa and it is entitled ‘Give Peace A Chance….” she told this reporter.

    A professional nurse by training, Wegeiwor has the love for teaching and is now a lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School where she teaches Marketing Health Services, Comparative Health Systems, amongst others.. She holds a Masters of Technology degree in Environmental Health from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa and an MPhil in Health Services Management from the University of Ghana Business School, Ghana.

    Currently, she is undertaking her PhD programme at the Southampton University in the UK. She also loves acting and has featured in a number of stage performances at the National Theatre, including Romantic nonsense directed by Nii Commey Abdullah in 2009.

    Asked how she is able to combine the demanding academic schedule with her family life, music and running of her NGO, Wegeiwor’s answer was simple: “It’s just by the grace of God. You don’t struggle to do things when you depend on the grace of God. I believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That is my secret. I have no strength of my own and I’m eternally grateful to God for being my main source of strength.”

    She added that “For now my focus is to get the album out and use the proceeds to support my folks from Kayoro, many of whom can’t even afford a single meal for their families. So I urge Ghanaians to go out there and buy the album when it hits the markets so that together we can make life meaningful for the vulnerable.”


    Oh Jesus, (Abor Musik), 2012

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