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    Weep no more, Kunte Kinte

    by Chris Twum, The Ghanaian Chronicle
    posted Saturday, 21 November 2009 14:49| 0 Comments

    His performance could well be described as one filled with emotion and compassion. When Kunta Kinte (Nana Nsiah Amankwah), together with the Bradez group appeared to perform their hit song - 'Simple', at last week's Miss Malaika 2009 event, he could not move to the beat rhythm of the popular music he helped to craft, but at least he was able to sing again. Listen to Simple by Da Bradez

    For the once vibrant and exuberant Kunta Kinte, and well recognized for his stage artistry in thrilling audiences, he had to be wheeled onto the stage in a wheel-chair, and the best he could do for the crowd that night was to just stand unaided as the song played out, and he rapped his verse from the group's hit song -'Simple'. Watch Simple by Da Bradez

    Kunta Kinte, 21, a student of the University of Ghana, some six months ago suffered a mild paralysis which affected the left side of his body. It was a difficult time for the young musician after losing his speech and the use of his limbs, and putting his education on hold.

    His appearance on the stage, at the night, was his first time after undergoing treatment for his mystery ailment. Kunta Kinte just wanted to show Ghanaians how he was transiting from the wheel-chair to full recovery once again.

    His entrance onto the stage was in a wheelchair, but later got up to sing and show Ghanaians that he is recovering from the mild stroke, after which he was carried backstage in his wheelchair. The crowd gave him a resounding applause for his efforts on the stage. It was touching scene and a lady in the audience could not help but to shed tears for the young man.

    But for the fact that, he could come on stage and perform, standing on his own for a while, shows that sooner than later he would bounce back and do what he knows how to do best for Ghanaians music lovers.

    Even with the performance the group put up, the crowd went wild for them, hoping to see Kunta Kinte back on his feet again.

    Stone, a member of the Bradez group was seen doing all the performances, but from a distance, one could tell he was not himself on stage, without the full compliment of his brother, Kunta Kinte.

    The first person who officially announced Kunta Kinte's illness publicly was 'Rap Dacta', Okyeame Kwame, during the 2008 Ghana music Awards. He requested that his brother needs the prayers of Ghanaians.

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