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    …And Bernice Ansah wept at her album launch

    by Stephen K. Nakujah
    posted Friday, 06 December 2013 15:44| 0 Comments

    One of the finest female gospel stars in Ghana, popularly known in show business as Bernice Ansah on Sunday, 24th of November 2013, unveiled her fifth album.

    The launch which was held at the Great Fire Pentecostal Ministry headed by one of the influential and powerful men of Ghana, Bishop Bonegas at the Darkoman Post Office at 12:30 pm could boast of chalking a remarkable success.

    Bernice Ansah's 'Immigration No Aye Tight' launch can be best described as a convention instead of a launch.

    The number of people that trooped to the event was surprising. Indeed, they say good heart and hard work pays. Many have attributed the success of the occasion to the generosity of Bernice Ansah. Bernice who could not help weeping throughout the programme said it was a surprise to her because she never expected that large crowd even though she had disappointment from her close pals.

    The launch saw almost all the gurus in the Ghanaian gospel circles including the 'Prophetess' Cecilia Marfo, Grace Ashly, Supt. Kofi Sarpong, Ernest Opoku, Kwaku Gyasi, Opiesie Esther, Mama Afia Pokuah, Abaawa Connie, Mama Listic Mama, Patience Nyarko, Paul Ambatem and Sammy.

    Her 'Immigration No Aye Tight' album was launched together with the worship album as well. The eight-track album has songs like 'Nya Nkwa,' 'Yebe Sorewo,' 'Wawu Agye Yen,' 'Tweben Me,' 'Wonsaso,' 'Turning Around,' 'Mebo Nsenku,' 'Somebody,' 'You Deserve All the Glory' and others. Fii of Skuufo fame and John Kingsley were featured on the album.

    The native of Anum Boso Guan who was born in Accra Burma Camp, Bernice Ansah, was grateful to all who came to support her in launching her album.

    She told your most authoritative Flex newspaper, “which platform is best to use to say thank you to all my fans and lovers apart from Flex newspaper, the backbone of all gospel musicians in Ghana. God richly bless you for all the encouragement I received from the likes of my sound engineer, Vinny Kay, Bishop Bonegas, my husband and everybody who played a part in my success” Bernice expressed her  gratitude.

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