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    Memories rekindled at ‘Back In The Day’

    by Graphic Showbiz
    posted Monday, 09 December 2013 17:00| 0 Comments

    Hiplife bigwigs, Obrafour and Reggie Rockstone proved they were the undisputed  authorities in the genre at the second edition of the Back In the Day concert held last Friday at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC).

    Their coming onto the  stage was splendid!

    The auditorium  was dark for about three minutes  and people  wondered what was going to happen.

    Just as the lights came back on, the audience saw the two men dressed in all- white with crowns on their heads, seated on what looked like thrones.

    With applause from the audience, the two wasted no time in delivering what was expected of them.

    Obrafour performed tunes like, Yaanom, Twe Wo Ho, Heavy, Asem Sebe, Who Born You By Mistake, and Oye Ohene (remix).

    Rockstone also thrilled everyone around with Plan Ben, Keep Your  Eyes On The Road, Different You, Different Me and  Ya Bounce Wo Visa.

    Reggie and Obrafour invited Raquel and Efya on stage who backed them with their silky voices.

    For the one hour that both artistes were on stage,  the audience danced and sang along with them.

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    Organised by Empire Entertainment, the show started  around 10.00pm with T-Blaze.  He sang songs like Feeling No Ye Deep, Secretary and  Wo Sisi Yewo Ya.

    He climaxed his performance by asking for a minute’s silence in honour of the late Ronnie Coaches of Buk Bak who died last month.

    Hiplife duo, TH4Kwages came on  after T- Blaze. They spent about 10 minutes on stage and  were able to move the audience with songs like Nana Esi  and Meye Aware.

    As Nii Ayi Tagoe of Joy FM, emcee and deejay  on the night played good old  hiphop, R & B and hiplife stuff from the  1990s,  a  group called Short Clan appeared from nowhere  onto  the stage and did their own thing. Though their performance looked good, the audience did not respond much  to them.

    After a short break and during which time  the audience were shown still pictures of celebrities that had passed on, the headline act Naughty By Nature finally arrived on stage at about 1:30 am.

    Regarded as one of the world's best hiphop groups of all time, Naughty by Nature did not disappoint  the fans.

    Performing songs like O.P.P., Uptown', Dirt, Craziest, Everything, Jamboree, Feels Good, and Feel Me Flow for an hour, the group was impressive on the night.

    Though, the show had a nice stage setting and good quality sound, there were a lot of empty seats.

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