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    Asem and Richie premiere music videos

    by Daily Guide
    posted Wednesday, 04 February 2009 19:08| 0 Comments

    The red carpet was rolled out at the Aphrodisiac night club last Saturday night for the highly anticipated music video premiere of ASEM’s “Give Me Blow remix” video and Richie’s “When I get you”. Both cuts are amongst the biggest joints in rotation on the airwaves at the moment and it followed that expectations would be high for the videos.

    The numerous fans and rave heads who turned up were given a celebrity style welcome, with a red carpet walk leading into the forecourt of the club. This gig definitely had a different feel to it. Folks were spoilt for choice with either staying on the forecourt to enjoy the free punch being served on the house whiles enjoying hot tunes from Nii Ayi Tagoe on the ones and twos. View photos of Richie & Asem Video Premiere.

    Hardcore dance floor burners were also given the opportunity to get their groove on in the club to wild cuts from in -house disc jockey Dj Mensah. Praye, 55’s Pappi, Ayigbe Edem, Tinny, Bradez’s Kunta kinte, Veeda, were among Accra’s celebrities, socialites and groupies alike who mixed it out on the forecourt amidst incessant chatter ,hugs of “long time no see”, bright halogen lights and non stop attention from the media men in attendance.

    Citi Fm’s Miss Caroline who features on the new version of ASEM’s “Pigaro”, Yfm’s Nokus, Trigmatic, Flexy; HitZ Fm’s Amanda, Nana Hemaa; and Jay Foley with Jeremy also formed part of the roll call of show biz impresarios who were on hand when ASEM made his grand entry. Spotting a brown tweed jacket, he was followed a bit later on by Richie. The velvet voiced crooner rocking a black leather suit, was flanked by lrene Logan and his mum.

    The women –folk, fans and groupies alike were there in their numbers all decked up in the latest and sexiest apparel to impress. The young crooner’s entry seems to have been one of the highlights of the night for them as they “awed and wooed” at the sight of him. Most tried to edge closer but were kept at bay by his entourage.

    The crowd would then be given a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the rap emcee and his crooning label mate in a performance.

    The two literally took center stage, when eager fans parked into the club and formed a circle around the two as they performed Richie’s hit cut “when I get you” to some serious head bumping and heavy gyration all around the club. The strobes lights inside the club did enough for added effect and made for a pretty impressive act which most complained was too short to savor. Dj Mensah will drop the “give me blow remix” instrumentation, but the performance would have to be cut short to make way for the video premiere.

    Out in the forecourt, the premiere seemed to take longer than expected due to technical hitches but was sorted out before long. First to be premiered was the remix to the song that shot ASEM to fame, “Give me blow.”The video, shot almost entirely on blue screen brings together Tinny, Andy Dosty, and Bradez; all of whom feature on the joint.

    Richie’s “When I get you” featuring lablemate ASEM came up next and ended to rousing applause and cheers from the crowd obviously impressed with the work of Abraham Ohene Djan.ASEM’s “pigaro” video also produced at OM Studios has received critical acclaim as one of the very best currently and is receiving heavy airplay on MTV Base and other networks.

    Speaking to him after the premiere, the rap emcee stated that the rationale behind the video premiere was to give fans an opportunity to be among the select few who would get to see the video for the first time. Richie on his part would reveal later on that even they had not seen the video before it was premiered and expressed obvious delight at how it all turned out.

    Having seen what they had come for and seemingly satisfied with it, folks began to drift out at this point. As I made my way out in the wee hours of the morning however, a sizable number of party heads were still quite “busy” getting their groove on, on the dance floor.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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