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    Rains, the return of 5five, and a funny proposal for Confidence at IWAN album

    by ameyawdebrah.com
    posted Tuesday, 14 September 2010 12:38| 0 Comments

    Bullhaus Entertainment spared no effort to make sure that the newest addition to the record label, IWAN had a grand entry into the music industry with the launch of his debut album, ‘My Time’ last Sunday.

    The forecourt of the Aphrodisiac Nightclub became the stage for showcasing the talent of several aspiring rappers/singers and a few more established acts. However, just before the actual launching of IWAN’s album, the rains started pouring down heavily bringing the event to a halt.

    Nonetheless the launch continued inside the nightclub with the star of the moment cutting a cake not only to signify the release of his debut but also to celebrate his birthday, on September 12.

    IWAN was supported by several of his fellow musicians including Richie, Asem, OJ Blaq, Reggie Zippy, Akoo Nana, Sugar Ranking, Tinny and others.

    There was also a surprise performance from the hiplife group, 5five which had a heavily publicized fallout with the Bullhaus label following the release of their SophomoreWhen the group got on the stage to perform their latest single, ‘Move Back’, the question on the minds of many was, “has 5five returned to Bullhaus Entertainment?”

    Group member, Papi who has been attributed with the split from Bullhaus explained to a section of the media that he was the prodigal son of the label and that: “…if 5five performed on a Bullhaus stage then it could only mean on thing…”

    Certainly the rains couldn’t take away the shine from the launch. Comedian, Funny Face Benson also added to the shine when he took to the stage for a round of jokes including proposing to the sexy CEO of Aphrodisiac, Confidence Haugen. The things people try in the name of comedy.

    ‘My Time’ is now available in music stores across the country.


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