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    Hi-life music lives at MOGO!

    by Blakk Rasta, Malaika, Abu Saddique
    posted Saturday, 06 December 2008 05:00| 0 Comments

    Photo: Blakk Rasta, Malaika, Abu SaddiqueThe night of December 5, 2008 will remain etched in Ghana’s music history as the night that Hi-life music made a point. Hi-life music lives! And Hi-life music lives at the Music of Ghanaian Origin (MOGO) Concert.

    At the concert, one of the flagship events of Citi 97.3 FM held at the National Theatre in Accra, some of the cream of Hi-life musicians that Ghana ever produced, mounted the stage and left everyone present asking for more.

    The artistes on the bill, Amakye Dede, Lee Duodo, Asabea Cropper, Gyedu-Blay Ambulley, A. B. Crescent and Ramblers Band rocked the audience with the finest form of Ghanaian Hi-life music.

    All the musicians performed at their peak and reflected classic stagecraft, creativity and the beautiful nature of Hi-life music that Ghana has never heard nor experienced in a very long time, making some of those who thought that Hi-life music only belonged to the past, to think again.

    The well organized and produced show which was emceed, by arguable two of Ghana’s equally finest show hosts, Nii Amah Dagadu and Jessica Opare Saforo was remarkable in every way.

    Each time any of the artistes took to the stage, patrons were moved to their feet, cheering, dancing and singing along.

    The memorable night at the National Theatre will linger on in the hearts and minds of all those who were there for a very long time, because the night was an experience never to be forgotten, it was simply a great show.

    For the sponsors, Coca Cola, it was night on which money was well spent.

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