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    OJ Blaq embarks on 'School Uniform Tour'

    by citifmonline.com
    posted Sunday, 20 November 2011 18:01| 0 Comments

    For music lovers who have wondered where the “Biggie Boy lover”, OJ Black, has been all this while, let’s just say the Ghanaian rapper has his hands full with philanthropic work. Citifmonline. com caught up with the former Lynx signed rapper, who told us he has been busy with a project dubbed the “School Uniform Tour.”

    Apparently, the idea is to move and perform within Senior High Schools in a bid to raise funds which will in turn provide basic primary pupils with school material, ranging from school uniforms, and footwear to stationery.

    According to OJ Black, although it is commendable that other music artistes undertake social evils like AIDS and street children as projects however the only way to ensure that basic school children are encouraged to stay and perform well in school, they will need essential necessities such as school materials, thus the need for the initiative.

    “When I was young I remember how exciting it was when your parents gave you new shoes or new books” he recalled “so I think this is what our children need. It will allow them to perform even better in school”

    “So far we have been to St. Mary’s and St. Roses Secondary School to perform and raise money. It’s been very positive” the rapper intimated.

    The tour will target schools in areas such as Amasaman and Pokuasi presently but will certainly go national in no time.

    The “Chalewote” hitmaker criticized that Ghanaians lacked the motivation to take up social responsibility thus needed to stop looking up to Government to solve the country’s problems.

    OJ Black will soon make another stop at Aggrey Memorial School in the Central region to continue his “School Uniform Tour. ”


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