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    Dr. Cryme records highest event turn out for a rave

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 27 September 2012 09:41| 0 Comments

    Ghana’s sole Golden Heart UK award winner Dr Cryme made history again over the weekend during his “1Step” tour.

    The event which was held in Takoradi on Friday 21st September and Saturday 22nd September at Tarkwa recorded the highest turnout through Ghana’s hinterland raves.

    The single “1 Step 2 Back” is currently on the Afrobeats and Ghana showbiz chart and is currently doing well both in Ghana and abroad. Dr Cryme was seriously humbled with the response from his fans after the release of the single and subsequently how fast it came on the chart.

    Takoradi “1 Step “party was very impressive with the fans and the artiste collaborating to bring out the best rave as possible.

    Prior to the event there was a quick press conference to enable the populace to get first hand information about the event.

    Dr Cryme performed about an hour each in Takoradi and Tarkwa outlining hit songs like “fre Me”, “Mene Woa”, “More Fans”, “1Step 2Back”,”Kill Me Shy”, “Its You” and many more. He actually increased the suspense level when he mentioned on air that he might be performing his upcoming single featuring Sway called “Things In Common”.

    Dr Cryme recorded the highest turnout in Ghana’s rave history when he recorded close to 2000 participants at the Tarkwa “1step“ party. This adds to his record having the highest attended exposure party in Ghana as well with attended also close to 2000 few years ago.

    All the events were powered by E-Jam Records and the tour was very successful.

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