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    D-Black shuts down the MTN Joy FM Old School reunion in style

    by Black Avenue Musik
    posted Tuesday, 02 October 2012 09:04| 0 Comments

    The Ghana Bwouy and his Black Avenue Muzik crew tore up the Trade Fair Centre last Saturday when he shut down the 2012 MTN Joy Fm Old School Reunion with his exhilarating performance.

    D-Black performed some of his hiphop hits like 'Get on da dancefloor' and 'My Kinda Girl' to an adrenaline pumped crowd when he hit the stage bringing with him 13 year old new BAM signee Young Dapper and Joey B as part of his set.

    After getting the crowd pumped with his 2011 hit 'Get on da dancefloor' and the club banger 'My kinda Girl', D-Black introduced his new act 'Young Dapper' where the 13 year old kid dropped a verse off his new record 'Move This' with Joey B following up with his hit jam 'Strawberry Ginger'.

    As soon as the bassline for 'VERA' dropped the crowd wen beserk as D-Black jumped off the stage and joined the crowd of over 50,000 that had thronged the venue that night to dancing, screaming and signing the popular hit song 'VERA'.

    Climaxing the event D-Black proved why hip hop music in Ghana has gained presedence on the music scene now. With 'VERA' currently the most popular song in the country at the moment, D-Black's upcoming album and his second one 'The Revelation' is heavily anticipated.

    The MTN Joy Fm Old School Reunion was definitely an event to remember with earlier performances from E.L, Gasmilla, Keche, Guru and lots more as well.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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