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    Lynx and Kankpe stops show at Obour’s Resurrection Concert

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 08 September 2009 18:21| 5 Comments
    Hell broke loose at the National Theatre on Friday 4th September, 2009 at Obour’s Resurrection Concert when Richie, Eazzy, OJ Blaq, Asem and Tinny mounted the stage with an amazing and well connected performance that got the crowd standing throughout their appearance on stage.

    After a period of waiting in anticipation for these stars to make their appearance, they finally appeared on stage in the later hours of the morning quenching the thirst of the audience with a performance they will not forget.

    With a classic video montage introduction of Lynx Entertainment, Lynx Extreme, this happens to be the dance section of Lynx Entertainment. They shocked the crowd with a spectacular choreography.

    Richie then made his appearance with his beats. All he did was pose and flex but the crowed had no reason to hold their joy. They were excited and cheered at the flex of U.K.N.R (U Know the Name Right).

    Richie was followed by Eazzy. The new attractive sexy, Eazzy of Lynx Entertainment who has been the talk of the town since her launch in July. Dressed in a sparkling black and gold outfit, Eazzy and the females of Lynx Extreme shook the stage of the National Theatre with her hit single, “Bo Wonsem Ma Me”. The amazed crowd was impressed with the energetic performance of the adorable rising star.

    OJ Blaq followed with his performance of “Biggie Boy Lover”. Walking with two sexy ladies from the crowd, OJ the Biggie Boy Lover met Eazzy on stage and took over with a thrilling performance of his hit singles, “Biggie Boy Lover” and “Chalewote”. Surrounded by hot girls on stage, OJ shows he is a real biggie boy lover. He impressed the house with presence and filled their hearts with joy.

    ASEM joined OJ on “Chale wote” and continued with his hit single “Suuliya” and other hits such as “Pigaro”. As usual the crowd sung and rapped along with Asem.

    Then came the bard man himself Tinny. He got the crowd dancing and jumping when he took them back to songs such as “Incomplete”, “Makola Kwakwe”, “Kaa Bu Ame” and ended it with a performance of his new “Ringtone” remix which features Eazzy.

    Eazzy joined Tinny on stage and no one can take away the fact that these two sexy and energetic stars thrilled the crowed to the fullest with a performance never seen before. Not only did they display professionalism in their performance, they excited the house with a chemistry never seen and felt in the history of Ghana. It is no surprise that the sexy and pretty rising star Eazzy stayed on the lips of the audience after the show and still the talk of the town.

    Eazzy, OJ Blaq, Tinny, Richie and Asem really earth quaked the stage of Obour’s resurrection concert.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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