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    Sonnie Badu unhappy with event organizers

    by enewsgh.com
    posted Wednesday, 20 March 2013 07:34| 0 Comments

    Gospel artiste Sonnie Badu isn’t too enthused about how event organizers pay huge sums of money to foreign acts to perform in Ghana.

    In series of tweets, he’s explained why he thinks it’s wrong for those killer sums to be paid, suggesting that the practice is almost equal to mental “slavery”.

    “And those African who pay outsiders huge sums of money well done! It really shows that u have not been delivered from slavery. Have u ever seen them invite an African and paid the money you give to them!! Wake up!! They don’t even want to snap pictures with u. Shame.

    "Our African mindset is so sad. There is no way on this earth that foreigners will pay Africans the kind of monies we pay them in African. Yet when they show up, u are not allowed 2 come near them can’t take pictures, they won’t do interviews but guess what that what we like. And after the show they leave quickly! Ha ha ha what a joke!!” he ridiculed.

    “They don’t even play African songs on their radios but u play theirs free and then u charge the poor boy struggling! What is wrong with us? No matter how much u spend on a foreign artist it won’t change their mind about u… Some still think Africa is a zoo loooooool. “It’s the mindset and greed. One man wants it all,” he said.

    Badu’s comments came in the wake of recent debates on just how much American act Chris Brown was paid to perform in Ghana. An uncontrolled rumor mill that suggested he was paid something in the region of a million dollars has got most people talking.

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