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    Lighter buys new Bentley Continental GT

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 02 April 2013 00:28| 1 Comments

    Lighter by the car.

    If you follow Lighter at all, you know he's all about his music, cars, his money and his fans especially the female ones.

    The Trippin On Dollar (TOD) Records) CEO has dropped some serious cash on a brand new ‘rare red’ Bentley Continental GT.

    Lighter posted the photo of himself with a red Bentley Continental GT on his Facebook page.

    "I think I deserve to be excited about this. I used to drive an old school Chevy Impala when I was 15 years but now I have upgraded. Who'd have ever imagined?", Lighter said.

    Specifically, Lighter has recently spent not less than $95, 000 on the rare red colour and rims.

    We would however expect to see it painted red when the rapper decides to take it for a spin in Ghana soon or if the vehicle appears in one of unreleased music videos soon.

    Lighter hopes to later on fit his Bentley with a V12 biturbo engine capable of developing 700 horsepower at 5,000 rpm and 753 lm.ft (1,020 Nm) of maximum torque at 2,500 rpm. With all this acquired, Lighter will definitely be living the fast life.

    Lighter, who is known for his love for cars already owns a white Maserati car and a white BMW 7 series 2011 model in the US.

    Lighter’s new track ‘Bounce To The Beat’ is also doing well on the airwaves in Ghana and he will be flying back from New York to shoot a star studded music video for the song.

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