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    Ghanaian artiste spreads the word in Switzerland

    by happyghana.com/jenniferchonia.com
    posted Monday, 29 September 2008 09:15| 0 Comments

    Photo: jenniferchonia.com31-year old Mamprobi-born Jennifer Chonia is out in far away Switzerland with her maiden album, ‘Mighty Power,’ and it’s a gospel.

    To employ her melodious voice to her maker’s praise has been the dream since childhood of the Switzerland-based Ghanaian, and she is pleased - just as all who have listened to her work – with the outcome.

    The youngest from a family of among three siblings, Jennifer Chonia schooled at Roman Catholic Primary and JSS, Mamprobi, Accra, before pursuing other interests at the Social Advance Institute and then to Switzerland.

    Asked in a recent interview by the Sunday World newspaper what could have informed the choice of ‘Mighty Power’ as the title track for the eight-track album, Jennifer explained, “I chose mighty power as the title of my album because I believe that in everything you need the mighty power of God before you can be successful”.

    Other tracks on the album include “Closer to Thee” and “Be Praised.”

    Having been in music for a while after identifying her talent at an early age, and particularly enthused when many put her powerful voice in the class of the Celine Dions of the world, Jennifer says she has a lot to offer and urges colleagues to help engender a healthy competition with more research.

    “I wish to use this opportunity to tell my fellow musicians to reach out for more, thus by making a lot of research about music to make our music industry interesting,” she said.

    Jennifer Chonia urged industry players to be guided by the old adage that counsels that “If you have never been to someone’s farm, never say yours is the best,” so they would continuously strive to achieve excellence.

    She is due in Ghana shortly to outdoor her work.

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