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    Sonnie Badu fuses contemporary gospel with pure african rhythms

    by GHP
    posted Thursday, 10 July 2008 09:34| 4 Comments

    Photo: GHPAs we step to a new era, definitely the African music industry is about to hear various “nu flavors” in our ears as new talents are unleashed every single day around the globe. These talents are African centered with global reach. A young man in the UK, dubbed by an industry heavyweight as the “Fela” of Gospel music. When you hear his song, he fuses pure African beats,well produced and composed matured songs for all ages. The songs send chills to the listener’s body. The young man is blessed, inspiring, talented and “wow brother can really saaaaang “. Sonnie Badu, proud African with a global reach.

    Currently in the UK gospel industry hails a young man by the name of Sonnie Badu. He is regarded as one of the most celebrated worship leaders to emerge from the African Church sector in recent years. He is heating up the church circuits with his energetic sound and colourful blend of contemporary and African praise and worship. With a style so diverse, he appeals to every preference.

    He began his ministry at a very young age, singing in his hometown of Accra-Ghana. Sonnie, the only boy in a family of five sisters was raised under a strict Christian upbringing. His father, a prominent pastor in the capital state Accra would wake his children up with a cane for Church every Sunday. It was this discipline that would establish his life-long passion of service to the Lord.

    Although Sonnie Badu had been a worship leader from his youth, to all who knew him football was his gift. However any hopes of international football success were soon eclipsed when the Lord begun to turn his heart in His hands. At 18 years of age, Sonnie was attacked by a mysterious infection that had virtually pronounced him dead. It was during this time he made a promise to follow God if He would spare his life. His life was spared and “The Worshipper” as he is popularly known was born. On the 1 December 2007, his debut album “Lost in his glory” was released. Sonnie Badu has also published his first book entitled “The Worshipper’s Cry”, which was launched on the 21 March 2008, with another title already on its way to print. He has already sang alongside the likes of international gospel artists such as Juanita Bynum, Lionel Peterson, Alvin Slaughter, Noel Robinson, Muyiwa, Sammy Okposu, Mike Aremu and other gospel ministers.

    On Good Friday 21 March 2008 “Africa Worships with Sonnie Badu” took place; a concert which teams up with a charity to raise awareness and aid for those in need. For this year efforts were focused on the beautiful country of Kenya, in support of all those that had been affected by the recent violence. It was the first of what will be an annual event. The response was such that the venue was filled beyond capacity even after all available rooms were converted into overflow facilities; still so many had to be turned away.

    As a unique gospel singer, Sonnie Badu’s ministry is accompanied by signs and wonders including prophetic deliverances, healings of cancers, strokes, paralysis, barrenness and the salvation of souls. Christians would describe this as a confirmation of his calling.

    He is described as the young man with the golden voice; others esteem him for his ability to move audiences. However these talents find their greatest expression because of His Love for God.

    Sonnie Badu is no gimmick; “I did not call myself” is a statement he commonly relies on for expression. He is no ordinary man and is not one to be compared with any other. The truth is Sonnie Badu has only just begun.

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