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    Pam Morris hosts music benefit for Ghana church

    by Effie Rolfe
    posted Friday, 26 December 2008 11:03| 0 Comments
    Photo: Chicago DefenderAuthor and Gospel Festival Manager, Pam Morris, is still smiling after “An Evening of Music” featuring Andrea and John Morris, held recently at Room 43 on the South Side. The concert was a benefit for the Old Testament Ministry Church in Kpando, Ghana. Pam Morris presented her daughter-in-law and son singing standard Christmas carols, patriotic songs and hymns. In February, Pam visited Ghana for nearly 3 weeks.

    “I hope to return and bless the people of Ghana and do some missionary work,” she said. The WVON radio personality indicated the church stayed in her heart after meeting, “A very special family and a dear friend in Chicago. I feel it’s what you do for others that count…that’s what makes the difference in life.”

    “When we open the mic and play music we are trying to reach out and inspire…giving people a dose of inspiration and hope. We are blessing this church family that has benches with no backs and this benefit will provide comfortable chairs for the sanctuary, and help paint the sanctuary,” Pam Morris said of the benefit concert.

    The popular author of Lessons Learned From Aunt Mable shares the blessings of giving in her book which is available to read on her Web site www.pammorrisspeaks.com.

    She especially loves Chapter 7, “Holidays are Special,” because “one of my favorite is Christmas.” The book is also available on Amazon.com or at area bookstores.

    Chicago philanthropist, Dr. Willie Wilson, is telling his story of giving on the popular show, Perspectives, hosted by Monique Carradine on My Chicago Channel 50. Wilson will share his story of growing up in Louisiana as the son of sharecroppers and how he overcame obstacles to amass a financial empire. Perspectives will air Sunday at 9 a.m.

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