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    Minister OJ sells hot on his Canada tour

    by Stephen Kenneth Nakujah, flexghana.com
    posted Wednesday, 11 December 2013 06:17| 0 Comments

    Song writer, composer, arranger, performer and inspirational gospel singer Michael Oware Sakyi popular known in show business as OJ is now in Canada for a two months tour.

    The 'Maye Se Mo Pen' singer started this tour a month ago. Speaking to Flex newspaper, O.J told this reporter a lot of happenings in his tour.

    Knowing the ability of O.J as a good stage performer, you won't doubt if one tells you event organizers are fighting over him as to whom to use him first on their shows.

    O.J was supposed to come as earlier as planned but had to extend his stay in Canada to be able to satisfy all event organizers who want to use him for their programs.

    Ghanaian churches won't allow O.J to even rest as they keep calling him to pass through their church for ministrations.

    His latest album that has the ever hit song in Ghana 'Maye Se Mo Pen' and 'Apor Jesu' have also hit the length and breadth of Canada within the Ghanaian community and beyond. The 'Apor Jesu' for instance, has become a major hit in all the African communities.

    The composer of the ever green songs 'Obi Nya Waye,' 'Kosoa Na Koso,' Ete Sen, Maye Se Mopen, Apor Jesu” told this reporter, he will soon step on his own Mother land Ghana to meet fans and loved ones who have already missed his absence. “I have a lot of programs booked by my manager in December so I'm praying for traveling mercies so I can come and continue my ministrations,” O.J said.

    Minister O.J also apologized to his numerous fans who were expecting him to perform at the Africa Worships with Sonnie Badu's concert at the Accra Sports stadium.

    “I didn't intend to disappoint my fans. The program was not brought to my notice. Neither my manager Stephen Kenneth Nakujah was aware of the program so we could not have planned for it. I sincerely apologize to my fans who were calling me to find out if I will be there and all those who didn't have my number to even ask and came to meet my absence. So sorry for any inconvenience caused” O.J pleaded.

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