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    Rasbobo from Ohio drops mixtape

    by Rasbobo Image Records/www.3gmediaonline.com
    posted Monday, 23 November 2009 15:26| 3 Comments

    Hip/Hop/Hiplife music sensation from Columbus, Ohio Charles Taylor aka Rasbobo is hungry for success in the music industry here in the USA. He recently dropped a mixtape; “Semu Suro/Y”all look Scare” by Rasbobo Image Records.

    My name is Charles Taylor aka “Rasbobo”, born on June 1st in the 80s @ FADAMA, Accra Ghana and it was also where I was raised.  Music has been my passion since my childhood. I started rapping at an early age. I grew up listening to highlife artistes like; Amboley, “Abrantie” Amakye Dede, C. K. Mann, Paapa Yankson, Pat Thomas, Lumba brothers which comprised of Nana Acheampong and Daddy Lumba and many more.

    In 1996, I met a guy called Edem aka (Odusineenana) in North Kaneshie, Accra and he also had a passion in rapping so we decided to team up and bring out some mixtapes together. We ended up in Slim Buster’s studio in Darkoman junction to record our first mixtape but unfortunately, we could not continue to record because of financial difficulties. That did not stop me from having a musical career and it kept me moving on to a different level.

    In 2002, I moved to the United States at such a young age where my dream of becoming a rapper got bigger. Rapping and singing has become bigger that wherever I go, words starts popping out of my mind and I will put it down on paper. In 2004, I moved from Brooklyn, NYC to Columbus Ohio to continue my education at Columbus State College in Mechanical Engineering. While Iwas studying in Ohio, I met Alex Appiah aka “28J”-who was also a rapper, so we decided to become friends and he decided to come and live with me as a room mate.  .

    As we lived together under the same roof, we teamed up to rap. We decided to bring out a mixtape using hiphop beats with recording cassette tape as a microphone to record, and there we did 10 tracks with hip-hop beats.

    In 2005 “28″J and I sat down to form a group call the “G-Squad” so we decided to go to a better studio to record and we ended up in Grass to Grace recording studio to record. When we got there we met this Prince Davis who was also an engineer and he asked us to sing the hook so he can use it to do the beat. I sang the hook and he made us 10 hot beats and we were able to record 5 hot tracks titled:”YEN SO AFEI NA YA BA,PENPENAA NANAA”  “PANPANAA NANAA”,”OBRAA YE BO YI”, “GHANA MBAA AND FA BE WO SO”, unfortunately the songs did not come out.

    In 2006, G-Squad ended up in J POWER Studio to record G-SQUAD album but we could not afford the expenses so we ended up with two tracks titled:”ODO PA BI WO BAABI” and “DABI DABI MEDU FIE” featuring.Dominique Adjei and Priscilla Dwomoh aka The Model.  In 2007 there was a show in Columbus, Ohio and G SQUAD performed with Kofi Nti, Ofori Amponsah and Castro Da Destroyer, after that we have been perfoming in different shows including the Kente Dance and others.

    In December 2008, I formed my own record label called; Rasbobo Image Records, including my studio which is held in my house, with two engineers: Gid Kojoe Sarpong and Omar Korleone Koroma from Sierra Leone. I signed up with CVL INK SCREEN PRINTING CO, for my clothing line and with my hats I signed up with Hat World (Lids Company) here in USA. I also have my own website; www.rasbobo.com. Through my studio I was able to record a lot of songs with underground rappers including my Sierra Leone singers; AB and Blackdon.  Two songs were recorded with AB with one entitled; “WHY U WANNA BRING ME DOWN”  which also on my new album coming out soon.

    I just finished shooting the video; “WHY U WANNA BRING ME DOWN and “THIS BABE” is on my Mixtape that is coming out. With Black Don, we recorded two songs which are also on my mixtapes titled: “THIS IS MY MUSIC” and we are now shooting the video and the other entitled: “DON’T TAKE YOUR LOVE AWAY FROM ME” also on my upcoming Mix Tape.

    I also performed with Sierra Leone music superstars; K MAN AND EMMERSON. During the 2009 Miss Liberia Ohio Beauty Pagent with the Liberia superstar; NIMBA BURR, recently I had a show with Tic Tac in Columbus, Ohio and performed at various parties, clubs and after hours.

    My influence in the music were; hiplife superstars such as Obrafour, Reggie Rockstone and Lord Kenya and also some great hiphop mcs such as Tupac, B.I.G, 50 Cent, Eminem, Jay-Z and Nas.  All my mixtape songs were written and produced by me. When it comes to hiplife and hiphop, I just take a pen and paper to start writing my own lyrics and creating my own style.  When it comes to freestyle my flows go crazy with my own rhymes. Anytime I get on stage I make ladies go wild and I can also control the crowd. I just want to tell my fans that they have not heard anything yet, they should wait for my album and I will never let them down.   I will continue to drop hits", he said.

    I would like to give thanks to the Almighty God for making everything possible for me, and also thanks to my manager;  Mr. Asare, also a manager at Ghana GTV for helping me bring my first Album out which is coming out soon.

    I would like to give thanks to my family for supporting me to bring my mixtape out.

    A shout out to all my G Squad Members, DJ Mad F (NYC), DJ Bobby (Columbus Ohio), BMB Entertainment (B-Nice ”Kye No Ma Me”), MoBeatz (Chicago), D-Square(Fussion Ent) Columbus Ohio, Rap Commando (Columbus Ohio), and Edious Video Production(Columbus Ohio).

    A big thanks to 3G Media (Publisher of 3G Magazine and www.3gmediaonline.com, Ghanaweb, Ghana Music.com and the rest of the media for supporting our music worldwide.


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