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    B-Nice unleashes debut single titled “No Boss” featuring Jay Ghartey

    by David Mawuli
    posted Sunday, 12 January 2014 19:45| 0 Comments

    Ghana music industry looks more lucrative with the discovery of young talented, energetic and inspirational up coming artistes. Like I always say, Ghana is yettaste the richness in an aesthetically exquisite music from the young Ghanaian/American Highlife/Afro-Pop rapper, Kweku Brew a.k.a B-Nice Kyenomame.

    The rendition of his Afro-Pop style of music demonstrates a vivid upliftment of the Ghana music industry through his master class debut single which he titles, “No Boss” featuring Jay Ghartey.

    There is a clear indication of his awareness on the current trend genre admired by millions of Ghanaian with his combination of creativity and intellectualism plus professional variation on “No Boss” from other momentary artistes.

    The tune of “No Boss” epitomizes the inevitable typical Hiplife flavour many Ghanaian music-lovers are exposed to. It’s a true reflection of African music ingenuity with the mixture of “Dondo” drums.

    I can boldly predict that, “No Boss” has arrived to patch all the potholes on most Ghanaian ceremonial songs. In view of the prospect that B-Nice holds in his ancestral land Takoradi, the overwhelm endorsement of his debut single will advocate his career on a smoothness level. Young as he was, he became a toast of many shows.

    Even though, “No Boss” is one of the funniest tracks on the bloc just like Guru’s popular “Nkwadaa” and “Boys Abre” but there’s a great sense of motivation towards independence in it.

    Expressing his view on “No Boss”, he noted “We work for ourselves. We have no boss. We don’t depend on anyone. We are self made”.

    With no album on the table yet but still trying to bring his name up and gain more fans even before dropping a hit, he has started recording some songs and freestyles with VinGY and from the responses he has been receiving, it is obvious that the fans like his style and what he does.

    “My fans should expect new revolution The Rap Pharmacist. The only musician who uses calculator to write rap” he assured his fans.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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