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    Cecilia Marfo's tour in the U.K heals souls

    by Stephen K. Nakujah, flexghana.com
    posted Wednesday, 22 January 2014 14:28| 0 Comments

    The worship Bulldozer is what some call her but she is affectionately known in showbiz as Cecilia Marfo.

    As was earlier published that Cecilia Marfo had been flown to the United Kingdom by event organizers Alordia Event Company, reports pouring in are that, for the first time in UK, Ghanaian-based UK patrons of the programme have received what can be termed as God's Visitation or Encounter through His servant Cecilia Marfo.

    As Cecilia Marfo is known in her song ministration in Ghana, so have our brothers and sisters in the UK experienced. But according to reports we are gathering, this time round, God has taken her ministration to another level. The anointing on her is healing and curing the afflicted.

    Many testimonies have been made on people who called on Ghanaian owned radio stations based in the UK to testify on what God has done for them through Cecilia Marfo's ministration. Some have gone to the extent of posting their testimonies on Facebook and on their twitter handles. They said Cecilia Marfo is not only just gospel musician but a prophetess and a woman sent by God in this end times for His work's sake.

    Prophetess Cecilia Marfo is still in the UK honouring a lot of programs she has been billed for. Her management (Flex Entertainment) led by Stephen Kenneth Nakujah, is trying to cut the list in order to let her come back as early as possible since there are lot of projects she needs to execute in Ghana.

    Your most authoritative Flex Newspaper is also following Cecilia Marfo's latest worship album titled 'Osorie Nwom' and we can say without fear or favour that, the song is currently the hottest worship song in the country and beyond. In UK, the song is selling like hot cake. Ghana is blessed to have had a musician like Cecilia Marfo at these end  times.

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