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    Samini accused of masterminding attacks on Shatta Wale in Canada

    by Attractive, Razz Newspaper
    posted Thursday, 27 March 2014 11:52| 0 Comments

    Well, the tact to keep themselves in the media is not stopping anytime soon as the two frontliners of dancehall music in Ghana at the moment, Samini and Shatta Wale will go any means to have audience. I don’t know if it is somehow planned so they keep making money or just one of the things.

    According to a report by Razz newspaper, Shatta Wale and his SM4LF team who were and remain in Canada for a series of performances over the weekend were attacked in their hotel by an unknown troup belieevd to have been sent by Samini who was in Ghana at the moment.

    Read what the newspaper reports;

    According to reports, on Saturday 22nd March, 2014, some unexpected troupe of guys entered the hotel room and manhandled Shatta Wale and others. It was quite baffling to Shatta’s team as to how the guys got access to the hotel premises and to the room of Shatta Wale.

    Bull Dog, manager for Shatta Wale, in recounting the episode to Razz Newspaper stated that they were in the hotel when some guys came around and wanted to attack them which resulted in some serious arguments and shoving in the hotel room.

    Strangely, Samini was nowhere in Canada and nowhere close to the incident but BullDog is accusing the artiste of masterminding the harassment on his artiste. According to Bulldog, right after the unfortunate incident at the hotel in Canada, Samini updated his twitter page, writing the following;

    Toronto is my turf..Just in case you didn’t know. HGF to da world. Akyesaaaaa LOL.

    In a separate interview with the promoter for Golden Empire Productions/Sam Tuga’s Promotions, Mr. Samuel K. Agyei, he confirmed that the alleged attackers went to Toronto Airport Quality Suite Hotel to harass Shatta and his team but luckily, they called some security officers to their rescue.

    Mr. Agyei stated that he sensed some danger with the purported attack and in taking precautionary measure, he moved Shatta from the Toronto Airport Quality Suite Hotel to a different hotel but he did not disclose the new hotel.

    When asked if the attackers had confirmed that they were sent by Samini, he said that all indications confirms so and also, from the investigations conducted, Samini is the most possible character whose identity comes to mind but at the appropriate time, Samini shall be exposed.

    When Razz Newspaper contacted Tony Pun, Samini’s manager, he rubbished the story and said that Shatta Wale’s issues are not important to them at High Grade Family, and he also gave the reporter a stern advice that he should not be called on issues concerning Shatta Wale.

    Shatta Wale has over the years been making allegations in all his interviews on radio and television as well as on social media platforms, that, Samini has been blackmailing him to event organizers, especially, music promoters abroad.

    However, he’s never been able to pull out any evidence or proof to substantiate his claims.

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