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    Joyful Way Incorporated presents “Explosion of Joy” concert on 26th December

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 16 December 2014 15:05| 0 Comments

    Plans are far advanced for this year’s “Explosion of Joy” concert which comes off on Boxing Day, December 26 2014. The annual concert put together by Joyful Way Incorporated (JWI), the pioneering Ghanaian gospel music group, promises to bring patrons a step closer to God this year.

    According to the Director of Music and Productions, Mr. Calvis Hammond, the group is feverishly preparing to “give patrons a taste of 42 years of gospel ministry”.

    “We hope to attract many to join us praise God for his faithfulness through 2014 and join hands as we aspire, pray and welcome 2015. “Explo”, as it is called has been our way of thanking and praising God with our fans and this year’s will not be any different.

    For all who are regular patrons and all who have never patronized, we welcome you all to this year’s “Explo”.

    This year’s concert which is themed “Celebrating the Word” would be supported by Uncle Ato, the Legon Interdenominational Choir (LIC Choir), Ps. Isaiah, Alfred Addaquaye and God’s Pride.

    As has been a regular practice patrons have the option of attending either the afternoon session (2pm to 5pm) or the evening session (6:30pm to 9pm).

    If you remember few of the finest songs churned out of JWI like “ Higher Praise, “Nyame ye Ohene”, “Barima Yesu”, and “Guanwhefo”, then grab your GH₡40 tickets at the West Hills Mall and Osu offices of Vodafone, Baatsona Total Fuel Station, Airport Shell and National Theater. Online reservation and delivery are via ticketdoug.com.

    Discounted tickets are also available for students, families and groups via the Joyful Way Incorporated facebook page.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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