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    Ghanaian singer Veeda: 'Keep music African'

    by Ameyaw Debrah, AfricaNews
    posted Friday, 27 February 2009 10:22| 0 Comments

    US-based upcoming Ghanaian singer, Vida Darko alias Veeda has urged African musicians to keep their music African if they want to break into huge markets such as America.

    As an African artist in US, Veeda believes there is a possibility for Africans like herself to break into the market if only they stay true to themselves. "As an African, the only way you can take your music out there is by doing your African music. If you do their music, it would be no different to them because they already have that there", she says.

    She attributed Senegalese R&B singer, Akon's success to his ability to provide something different from what was available in America. "Akon's beats, lyrics and voice are so different and that's why they love him so much. You can call his music R&B but it really different and it still has the African touch to it."

    Veeda also admits that it is easier for African artists who do typical African songs to break into European markets because European tastes are more diverse. She added that the challenge in America is that, because entertainment comes from there, African artist who want to break into the market would have to bring something different from what exists there.

    Veeda was born in Ghana and moved to the United States in her early teens but never lost touch of her Ghanaian identity, as is reflected in her music. Her debut album, 'Destiny' is picking up steam with hits such as 'Bribi Yaaye Me', 'Please Forgive Me', 'My African King' and more.

    The BSc. Computer Information Systems holder believes that the album is a fair reflection of who she is. I want them to hear all of the musical influences from hiplife, R&B, hip-hop to rock to jazz, all because I am a versatile lady. I know my fans think I am this way but I am a chameleon and at times I even can't predict what I will do but the end result is always the finest and a masterpiece.


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