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    Joris Jungly, a son of the soil returns with "Hey Now" single

    by Nana Yaw Wiredu
    posted Sunday, 27 March 2011 13:57| 0 Comments

    Ghanaian born, USA base artiste Joris Jungly aka Jay-J has returned home with his new single, “HEY NOW”.

    The Atlanta based pop/reggae artist Jay-J has been on the songwriting circuit in the ATL for several years co-writing songs for some artistes but has returned to push the music to the people he loves the most.

    Jay-J has heard the sweet warm reception of Ghanaians with regards to music, hence he is very optimistic that his stay will be well accompanied by a lager reception than he knows. Jay-J, describes his music as a blend of reggae and r&b, sprinkled with the glitz and glamour of pop doubling as one of those rare enigmatic artists with an equally intriguing background in academia.

    The singer/songwriter holds a Bachelors degree in Pure Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics, degree holders are rare to come by in the music industry these days and according to Jay-J, math and music are closely related.

    He explained it as: “There are many things in music that are obviously math-related, and many musical notions can be explained in numbers. I think of music as a way to listen to numbers, to bring them into the real world of our senses.” Jay-J’s official single in Ghana is already enjoying massive air play with lots of responses also coming from Youtube.

    Hitting on when the album will be release, Jungly said, recently I wrapped up work on my debut album entitled “Riches to Rags and Back”.

    “HEY NOW” is a song which will certainly meet the listening ear of the majority, a well thought out song with clean lyrics. The album is produced by Atlanta based hit maker Stylz Keyz, boasts 12 tracks that run the gamut of musical emotions. To catch a glimpse of Jokris Jungly, check youtube out or listen to your local radio station.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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