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    NYC - Ghana 54th Annual Independence Celebration

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 31 March 2011 18:42| 0 Comments

    Ofori Amponsah live in USA. Photo: Ghana Music.comThe long awaited Ofori Amponsah’s US tour has finally become a reality as the HipLife great arrived in New York on Saturday; Feb. 26th, 2011. The first show was March 26th, 2011.

    The outcome was breathtakingly amazing as the overwhelming amount of fans and supporters poured through the door of the Park Central Ballroom where the line seemed to never end. As fans waited, anticipating Ofori’s performance, D.J. Ice of London premiered the latest in Soukus, Siki, Hiplife and Highlife; bringing a warm welcome and great ambient environment that turned the night into a dazzling display of pure African talent.

    Ofori Amponsah aka Mr. Ladies Man took the stage as the crowd drew close and was cheered on by what seemed to be close to 200 plus crowd. He performed chart topping hits such as the melodious Otoolege, and the up-tempo Odwo. It is no wonder he is the crooner of choice for the annual BDN Ghana’s 54th Independence celebration. The band was amazing as trumpets flared along the sound of the drummer and the conga player.  The beat echoed in each person’s chest as the crowd recited every verse from each Ofori song.

    BDN has definitely surprised the African community in New York once again.  This year’s annual Ghana’s 54th Celebration-New York City was nothing short of revitalizing as we relived the quintessence of finger snapping, head bopping, and grooving tunes; reminiscent of a time, not too far back, when music embodied the soul.

    Although BDN did a fantastic job this year; certain areas of the function are in need of improvement. Areas for improvement include: the time it takes the artist to come on stage, an earlier sound check, chairs for older patrons, and the electrical problem that caused the keyboardist to short-circuit his keyboard which left him permanently disabled during the show. Never the less, quick thinking and ingenuity prevailed and the show continued. BDN agreed that such problems could have been avoided by having a check list which most venues and artists demand within a contract.

    Moving forward, BDN have agreed to make sure to have back up equipment on site if any electrical problems arise.   Having back up equipment from area music stores minimizes sound interruptions during the event.  By having a check list in addition to proper sound equipment; BDN hopes to continue its legacy of providing quality music and entertainment for the years to come.

    BDN looks forward to improving in providing proper seating for older patrons. Due to the late start of the show, the demand for seating increased.  BDN assures patrons that for future events, a partial seating arrangement will be available.  However, BDN would also like to remind patrons that reserve seating is available with the purchase of VIP tickets.

    All in all, the BDN Annual Ghana Independence Celebration was a good event and a success.  Each year, BDN delivers the promise of a quality African act. Next year, one can only guess or imagine who will headline the event.  More than music, the BDN Annual Ghana Independence Celebration is an event that transcends entertainment; it is a time for patrons to reunite with family and friends and celebrate African culture.

    To offer suggestions or volunteer to help grow African entertainment in the United States, feel free to contact bdnent@gmail.com.

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