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    Ofori Amponsah: I take full responsibility for my poor New York performance

    by Verus Nartey, Hi Newspaper
    posted Tuesday, 05 April 2011 11:00| 0 Comments

    Minutes after filing the story about the technical-hitch which resulted in many Ghanaians disappointed at the multi-Ghana Music Awards winner, Ofori Amponsah's abysmal performance at the New York's Park Central Ball Room last Saturday, March 26, 2011, the highlife star has shouldered the full blame and deposited none on the doors of neither the promoter nor bandsmen.

    Speaking via phone from his Hotel in New York late Tuesday, the 2006 Ghana Music Awards Artist of the Year, Ofori Amponsah told Hi Newspaper and www.myhiworld.com's Editor-in-chief, Verus Nartey that he was ready to take the full blame for the hitch that did not allow him to give out his best last week resulting in his fans blaming the promoters, Hashim Haruna's Boogie Down Promotion and Dansika, the live band that backed him.

    "By the time we detected the hitch which could happen to performers anywhere in the world, we couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't abandon my fans in the middle of my act because the sound output was bad.

    I know some ego-driven musicians would have done so, but I thought that rather would have been disrespectful to my fans", he said.

    "Also I couldn't switch from live band to 'mime' as that wasn't my style", he continued.

    The $30-per-head show which attracted over 1,200 persons went on in that bad flow until the fans couldn't take any more.

    When asked whether the bad sound output was due to Ofori Amponsah's failure to have enough rehearsal sessions with the live band, the ceo of Boogie Down, Hashim Harun said: "I don't think it was as terrible as the so-called informant reported to you. You know people would always complain no matter what you gave them.

    It was a great show and I have had hundreds of e-mails from people congratulating me about the show, which is my biggest so far; though I think there is still some room for improvement, which we would work on as the tour progresses".

    But did Kwaw Kese refuse to perform at the show when asked to fill in for Ofori so that the live band hitch was sorted out [Kwaw Refuses Ofori Amponsah Bail Out .U.S. fans disappointed], Hashim said: I can understand Kwaw. He is a big artist and definitely couldn't step on stage without the due arrangement and preparation.

    He came there to support us but not to perform. When he said "the time wasn't okay", I understood him. We have plans to roll out concerts with him here and this has changed nothing about those plans. Yes, I contacted him but immediately understood him when he thought "the timing was bad".

    Meanwhile Hashim has debunked rumours that the bad sound quality experienced was due to Ofori Amponsah's failure to show up at rehearsals with the live band. "He has been with us purposely for this tour for a month prior and he actually stayed in the same hotel the event took place and had been rehearsing for over 3 weeks with Dansika, a band that have on several occasions backed a number of high profile Ghanaian artistes including Amakye Dede".

    Last Saturday was Ofori's first solo tour of the U.S having already played as guest on a Daddy Lumba gig some four years ago.

    Meanwhile Ofori Amponsah has told Hi Newspaper in an exclusive interview from his New York base that he would surely return to New York, but this time to Bronx, before he ends the tour as a way of compensating his fans for the earlier performance. "I would put up a special face-to-face activation with my fans for the opportunity to take photos with them and interact with them", he said.

    According to the highlife star, he is working on this project with the Doctors Association of Ghana in the United States to bring in some health supports to Ghanaians back home as one of the main objectives of the tour.

    The tour, according to Hashim Haruna, moves to Chicago's Wild Hare on March 30th, 2011, with all technical problems sorted.

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