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    Kobi Onyame's Green Green Grasses set for April 11

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 07 April 2011 22:03| 1 Comments

    April 11th sees the release of Kobi Onyame's newest independent album, Green Green Grasses on iTunes.

    The highly anticipated album from the artist formerly known as Jae P is the follow up to his 2008 debut - Unsigned & Hungry. Included recently in the Scottish Sunʼs ʻOnes to Watchʼ list of 2011, Kobi Onyame, (b. Kwame Barfour-Osei) is a Ghanaian/UK hip-hop producer/artist.

    His musical inspiration includes the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z and Talib Kweli. The album clearly shows off the multi cultural influences he has had over the years.

    The title track ʻGreen Green Grassesʼ fuses high-life guitars with modern day hip-hop rhythms. On the intro track Akwaaba (which means Welcome in his native Akan) Kobi raps and demands respect from the very start, rapping “Hats off ok, itʼs a new era, time for new money, new you, do better/”.

    About the album, Kobi says it, "Acts a as statement of a point in my life. The idea of green green grasses is the pursuit of greener pastures and wanting to succeed in whatever you choose to do.

    Knowing there's a lot more out there that what you have going on, pushing yourself to do better...a lot of the songs follow on from that concept. I love the album and I think people will be able to relate to where Iʼm coming from on it."

    The album artwork is by legendary Edinburgh based graffiti artist Elf. The album features production from Kobi Onyame on tracks like Heartbeat, and Find My Way. Other production features include 'G' from Young Fathers on Protect Myself, Jamie Sellers on Dreams and Jayso on the bonus track 4 Walls. The album also features, among other artists, Sway, Saukrates, Danay Mariney, Emeli Sande and Kof.

    The lead single, Inner City Lights is a synth-heavy, up-tempo record produced by Kobi Onyame and features Canadaʼs Saukrates and Glaswegian singer/songwriter Alistair Merrick from the pop duo Sixpeopleaway. The video is directed by Breaking Point Flix and can be viewed on YouTube now.

    Furthermore, the newest record with visuals – Congratulations (again produced by Kobi) – is a mid-tempo song about longing for the success of others. JP Patterson (BBC/MTV/XXL/THESOURCE/THE INDEPENDENT) recently featured it as his underground track of the month on his BBC Introducing blog segment. It features the smooth R&B vocals of Mista L, heavy piano/string chords and hard-hitting 808 drums. In recent years, Kobi Onyame has played a range of live shows.

    He played the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury Music Festival in 2009. He also recently represented Scotland at the BBC Introducing United Nations showcase in Cardiff late 2010.

    Kobi has in the past opened up in concert for acts including Kanye West (on which he touches on the experience on the song Dreams) Akon, De La Soul, Jessie J, Flo Rida, Tinchy Stryder, Wu Tang Clan and more. He made his T in the Park debut in July 2010 by playing the T Break stage at Balado and was included in Vic Galloway's (BBC Radio 1 and Radio Scotland) 50 Scottish based artists to watch out for in 2011.

    With Green Green Grasses, Kobi Onyame continues his quest for success with a strong and honest record. The music, the live show experience all indicate that greener pastures is indeed near.

    The album is released independently on iTunes on April 11th 2011.

    Track listing:

    1. Akwaaba
    2. Inner City Lights (featuring Alistair Merrick & Saukrates)
    3. Find My Way
    4. One Day (featuring The Canz)
    5. On The Beat (featuring Kof)
    6. Congratulations (featuring Mista L)
    7. Heartbeat (Mickʼs Interlude)
    8. Heartbeat (featuring Danay Mariney)
    9. Protect Myself (featuring G of Young Fathers)
    10. Nobody Fault But Mine (featuring Emeli Sande)
    11. Amazing (featuring Flo)
    12. Dreams (featuring Jamie Sellers)
    13. Empty Town (Kobi Onyame & Alistair Merrick)
    14. Winner (featuring Flo)
    15. Green Green Grasses (Teddyʼs Skit)
    16. Green Green Grasses
    17. 4 Walls (featuring Jayso) - Bonus
    18. He Said She Said (featuring Sway) - Bonus
    19. Inner City Lights (Original Mix) (featuring Alistair Merric & Saukrates) - Bonus

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