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    Blitz the Ambassador’s ‘Native Sun’ out now!

    by ameyawdebrah.com
    posted Wednesday, 04 May 2011 15:52| 0 Comments

    The ever-impressive US-based Ghanaian rapper, Blitz the Ambassador has released his much-anticipated follow-up to his critically-acclaimed debut album, ‘Stereotype’ and follow-up live album ‘Stereolive’, on iTunes.

    The 12-song ‘Native Sun’ was released on iTunes worldwide on May 3 worldwide and would be followed up with Album Release shows in New York and Washington, DC this week.

    ‘Native Sun’ has been described as the most ambitious release from Ghanaian-born, Brooklyn-based emcee, bandleader and composer, Blitz the Ambassador. Native Sun unfolds from a kaleidoscope of perspectives, with help from a Rwandan sweet soul singer (Corneille on the track “Best I Can”), from sleek Francophone sirens (Les Nubians on “Dear Africa”), from buzzworthy Canadian-based/Rwandan-born rapper (Shad on “Native Sun”) and from bold Congolese and Brazilian samba-loving MCs (Baloji and BNegão on “Wahala”). Blitz even got a boost—including an invite to play at a packed Central Park SummerStage show—from Public Enemy’s Afrocentric thinker and rapper Chuck D himself (whose shout outs grace “Oracle”).

    “Native Sun the album is a journey backwards, back through hip hop, the Caribbean soundsystem culture that preceded it, back to its African roots, with the final kora,” notes Blitz.

    “The film looks forward, to what could be. Both are about the longing for home we feel in the diaspora, and about letting go of old notions and embracing new ideas. The sound in itself speaks to that.”

    The brand new video for the single ‘Best I Can’ ft Corneille, and directed by Terence Nance is already enjoying a lot of hits on the internet. “Native Sun” is one of the most organic marriages of African music and hip-hop we’ve heard — an effortless release that incorporates Afrobeat, highlife and kora music into old-school hip-hop.

    It’s a warm and danceable record with a social conscience, and it speaks to anybody who’s lived between two cultures — as more and more of us do.” -- Youtube.

    Off the heels of a successful month-long tour of Europe, Blitz the Ambassador and The Embassy Ensemble take Native Sun to New York City and Washington, DC this week. Blitz returns to Europe this summer and then back to the USA for a late summer, nation-wide tour.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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