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    The future of UK music - Kof

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 21 October 2008 00:25| 0 Comments

    Photo: Ghana Music.comIn a scene renowned for aggressive lyrics and negative press, KOF is the diamond in the dirt.  A fusion of Rap and R’n’B, conscious lyrics and big beats, KOF’s talents lay not only in his unique and undeniable realism, but also in his soulful voice and melodic flow.


    Add that to his open and unrestricted approach to music and you can understand why he is considered a ‘breath of fresh air’ in the sometimes stagnant scene. “I like to fuse a lot of different types of music together. I listen to all sorts and I think it reflects that. Also the fact I sing and rap gives me an opportunity to use more than one method to get my message across”.


    KOF has taken that approach and ran with it.  Despite being classed as a ‘new artist’ by some KOF has already achieved consistent air play on stations such as BBC 1Xtra, Galaxy and Radio 1, and has opened up for international touring artists, in the process gaining a dedicated following; not only in the shape of his ever expanding fan base, but in respected music industry officials alike.


    KOF’s developing buzz across the nation has led to collaborations with Sway, Wretch 32, Skinnyman, Rodney P and numerous top producers. Further his trilogy of mixtapes have independently sold over 8,000 copies, buoyed by a superb live show and massive singles such as Body Rock and 80’s Baby.


    KOF’s music is a synthesis of the highs and lows of life as he sees it, providing a much needed breath of fresh air to the UK music scene, stretching boundaries with sound, subject matter, style and substance.  KOF’s reign is not just reserved for the future, he has already arrived!


    For more on KOF check out www.kofmusic.com and www.myspace.com/youngkofurbeat


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