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    Mixtape drops a great mix on "Gongo Aso"

    by 3G Media Inc/N$E Nyce Entertainmen
    posted Thursday, 23 April 2009 07:55| 26 Comments

    B-Nice. Photo: 3G Media Inc.It is over 10 years and Hiplife music, the movement started by "Da Godfather" and mentor with a last name; Rockstone has reached globally with great influence on many talents on the other side of the Atlantic.  It has hit New York like " a ton of bricks" and "It is about to go down" where many great Hiplife proteges are about to hit center stage like never before.

    This is the right moment, a step in the right direction.   These young artistes are confident, motivated and can "bust a rhyme".  These stars have studied many artistes in the music industry from Ghana and are about to show the world they are not "faking the funk'.  One of such upcoming stars is none other than, B-Nice.  With a power punch delivery and rhymes in Fante like Castro.  He is a songwriter, Lyricist, Arranger and a Producer.

    Kwaku Brew aka B-Nice  "drops his mixtape; "Kye no ma me / NEW KING ON DA BLOCK" on April 27th, 2009.  Born on July 3rd and raised in the West-side of Ghana. (Takoradi)

    As far as B-NICE is concerned, music has been a passion since he was in diapers, he got the talent of rapping at an early age. He grew up listening to artistes like; Gyedu Blay Ambulley, Daddy Lumba, Amakye Dede, Papa Yankson, C. K. Mann and more. He moved to the United States at a very young age where his dream of becoming a rapper got bigger. Rapping and singing to lyrics by some Hiplife MC's like Rockstone, Obrafour, Obour, Batman, Castro and some powerful Hip Hop MC's like Jay-z, Cassidy and 50 Cent.

    B-NICE was influenced to pick up a pen and a pad to create his own style and jot down his own lyrics.  The first song he wrote was titiled "BUWUMU and has been working hard ever since. With no album on the table yet but still trying to bring his name up and gain more fans even before dropping a hit, he has started recording some songs and freestyles with VinGY, his main man (with a dynamic voice like KK Fosu) and from the responses he has been getting, it is obvious that the fans like his style and what he does. He just want to tell his fans they have not  heard anything yet. B-Nice has met rappers like Reggie Rockstone, Batman Samini, Kokovelli, Th4 kwages, Nana Fremah, Castro etc.

    His aim is to spice out Hiphop, Hiplife and Afropop music. Concluding this bio, B-Nice wants to make it clear that his first mixtape is around the conner, hitting the streets of New York, April 27th, 2009 and promises it is going to be one of the best mixtape albums ever.  Produced by Dee Jay Nyce CEO of N$E, Nyce Entertainment.

    The story began in 1999, when he was living with TH4-KWAGES way back in Tokoradi. Young as he was, he became a toast of many shows. B-Nice steped his game up by showing people what he was born for, his voice described by most as similar to 50 CENT. B-Nice went on to feature on VinGY "YOU COOL WITH THAT" became a hit on 1514. He then went to colaborate with Hood African's MAYA DE.

    These collaboration helped B-NICE establish a name for him self on Facebook, My Space and Hi5. " MAYA DE" his debut song hit the streets in january 2009 and saw songs like 'BUWUMU AND MAYA DE top the charts in the Bronx for several weeks. The pressure was on after ' Masom' to deliver another hit called 'GHANA NAIJA' , but it was not until the third track 'BUWUMU' which means shake it gave him another hit fondly called {shake} a ladies song which stayed on the streets for weeks.

    After a two month hiatus which gave him the opportunity to develop his song writing skills and himself lyrically, B-Nice started doing shows with musicians like; BATMAN SAMINI, Castro, Akwadaa, Hood Africans and some other rappers from USA and GHANA.

    B-Nice, "KYE NO MA ME mixtape include's hit track's like "MAYA DE" and "GHANA NAIJA" Remix. the style used on this tracks is "what I personnaly call; "NEW KING ON DA BLOCK "A WOA ANNTIA SIA NO KO SHIE SWEATER". (Fante meaning if you don't understand it, wear a sweater) he said. 

    "I know you probably thinking how I came up with that, the reason why I say that is because this is my signature. BMB PRODUCTION is my record label and working under "N$E Nyce Entertainment, more fire DeeJay Nyce, "KYE NO MA ME" in conjunction with 3G Media Inc".

    "Big thanx to Mr CNN for giving me hope, support and helping me to take my music and promotions to the next level.... Shout out to, World Famus "DeeJay NYCE" aka N$E, Nyce Entertainment, 3G Media Inc., HOOD AFRICANS, "MOBETAZ" , VinGY, RACSTONE, TH4 KWAGES, CASTRO, KWAW KESE, Akwadaa nyame, Young D, Kwame Dorgo M$, E.N.T "Masson Terry", Ohema ladies, Nana NYC, Boogie Down Nima, New Face ,DJ MF, DJ Ronny, DJ Trla etc...."


    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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