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    Steve Kelly nominated as Best Gospel Artist

    by 3gmediaonline.com
    posted Thursday, 24 November 2011 14:24| 1 Comments

    US based Gospel music star; Steve Kelly has been nominated for the Liberian Entertainment Awards 2011 scheduled to take place in Atlanta on January 28, 2011. In 2008, he won the International Gospel Artiste of year at the Eagle Awards. Steve is asking all his fans who love his music to log on to the awards ceremony website; http://www.liberianentertainmentawards.com and vote for him.

    Steve Kelly has been featured numerous times on radio and television around the world including an interview on CBN . He is a protege of Kirk Franklin, so fierce on stage and his music delivers powerful messages of hope to the young and old. At an event in Maryland, USA after his performance, a man in the audience came to him and said he likes to drink a lot and because of his music, he will stop drinking and follow Christ.

    Steve Kelly is of Ghanaian/Liberian parentage. He led praise and worship sessions at churches, crusades and Gospel concerts which gave him an opportunity to sing with a very rich voice as he learnt from veteran singers he partnered to sing with at that time.

    According to him, it was beyond a learning process; rather, to proclaim the good name of the Lord.

    "When I sing, I sing with the strength of those who came before me and sing with my heart to the glory of God," he said.

    He left the shores of Ghana 10 years ago for Philadelphia in the United States. After a few years, his untiring efforts in gospel music began to cut across wider spectrums.

    He released his first Gospel album titled, "Be Lifted" in 2003, and that shot him to fame.

    Steve is under the management of Mr. CNN/3G Media(www.3gmediaonline.com) and currently working on his forth album.

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