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    Ghanaian-Austrian Anbuley's afro-electronic has deep roots

    by mtviggy.com
    posted Wednesday, 29 February 2012 15:42| 0 Comments

    Vienna-born and raised, with parents from Ghana, Anbuley is a vocalist with presence and a style that sticks in the mind. She’s also got an unerring sensibility when it comes to drawing on those roots of hers to make inspired dance music.

    The singer started out adding her resonant voice to some deep, Africa-inspired bass tracks with producers like Bert on Beats and Ku Bo. If you heard those, you remember them. Last year, she put out her equally memorable Tsakemo EP, followed by the Kemo’ Yoo Keke EP on Austria’s Seayou Records.

    The latter, produced by Vienna’s Tipanic AKA Florian Richling, mainly consists of different takes on the title track. But, as that track is bananas — or, like, a delicious and intoxicating elixir of bananas — this is more than fine.  On “Kemo’ Yoo Keke” Anbuley gets down in Ga (a language spoken in and around Accra) as the beat bobs and sways, the bass purrs and the whole thing simmers and ferments with life. The B-side “Hesisinumo’,” with its mix of woody xylophone sounds and utterly synthetic synth, is much the same.

    The cuts mix the stunning efficiency of Euro dance with the organic power of the traditional music Anbuley grew up with. A lot of that power is channeled through her voice. And it sounds even more heavy when you know “Kemo’ Yoo Keke” is about not letting people push you around.

    Check out her latex limbed moves in the video too. And those smoldering gazes? That devastating pout? Yeah. It’s because she’s a star. When she really makes her debut, stand back.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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