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    Phil Anderson: Bringing his music to GH.

    by Derrick Addai, JIVE
    posted Thursday, 11 June 2009 09:52| 0 Comments
    Phil Anderson has got the now customary boyish cute look that is fast becoming a requirement for aspiring RnB acts the world over. Nonetheless he tells me he’s much deeper than just the looks. Listening to his three track EP, I came to realize that he may just have the vocal abilities to match up to it after all.

    Last year, according to the singer / songwriter, his debut single “luv for luv” became a chart topping success spending 35 weeks on the Canadian music charts; an impressive feat for a career that is yet to fully take off.

    Born in Barbados and raised in Canada, Phil grew up listening to his mother’s collections of vintage Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, and Bobby Brown cuts, and says his techno vibe comes from European group Culture Beats. Recently though, he has been treating himself to joints from the likes of Daddy Lumba, Becca, R2Bees, and Kojo Antwi. He admits, that he’s especially developing an interest in the latter’s style of music. 

    Phil Anderson tells me that though he grew up in love with music and though he started taking music seriously from the age of 16 years, he never really attempted to make a career out of it, concentrating instead, on a career in photography and building UMT Productions, the company he co-owns with his Ghanaian business partner.

    Phil’s only other connection to Ghana is a great grandfather of Ghanaian descent, but on just his second  trip to the country he’s professing a newfound love for GH and is looking to promote his music here. Incidentally he tells me UMT Productions is also looking to set up base in the country dealing in advertising, branding, modeling and artiste management.

    The upcoming RnB crooner maintains though, that music is his biggest priority. His sound is a blend of RnB, European pop, and techno, but he maintains he has got something to keep the Ghanaian listener entertained; a point that he would stress over time as I laid bare all the difficulties involved in such an endeavor. Phil does not believe the Ghanaian music terrain is a hard one to surmount, to him it’s just a matter of time and good music.

    Already he’s taking steps in this direction. On the title single off his EP ‘I want you,’   he introduces the track with a Twi line which, though not well said, is an effort worth applauding.  He is set to shoot a video with Phamous People, one of the most recognized local production companies, as well.

    From all indications Phil is determined to break into the GH music industry, though he admits that conditions in the industry could be better. According to him his music is a universal one, and believes there’s something in there for everyone. His EP has the theme of love running through all the joints and he believes that is a topic that defies cultural barriers of any sort.

    Phil tells of how his cousin who left her boyfriend after listening to his track “treat her like a queen,” about the proper way guys should be treating girls. According to him the most important thing is that his song can change the lives of his listeners.

    The current trend in the local music industry is certainly conducive for his style of music. Richie’s ‘London’ as well as Chase’s ‘Finally’ among others by other local RnB crooners as Nii and Chemphe are not any different from the kind of music Phil makes . It should therefore not be too long before he is mentioned in the same breath. After all, as to Phil puts it, “the most important thing is getting the music accepted.”

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