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    The Undefeated X-ray returns with new single + video

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 23 September 2012 15:13| 1 Comments

    Undefeated X-ray, New York City based hardcore rapper is not new in the game.

    He has been featured on Ghana Music.com and some popular sites some years back when he didn't even have a single or an album, just freestyles or mixtape singles.

    He was recognized due to his extraordinary skills and the hard work he put in.

    He has battled numerous of emcees and like his name says it all, he's been undefeated.

    One of his popular battles was his battle with Rap Messiah that leaked on YouTube.

    Which he was crowned as the winner with most punchlines and savagely attacked his opponent, Rap Messiah who thought he was on the "Yo Momma" show.

    That's history, he just let loose his first single – 'Dokodoko' featuring Dickie D off his upcoming mixtape "DEATH B4 DISHONOR". Audio: Dokodoko by Undefeated X-Ray feat. Dickie D

    The song was produced by his producer, Esco Da Don. Video: Dokodoko by Undefeated X-Ray feat. Dickie D

    He describes Dickie D as an incredible artist and Esco Da Don as a peerless producer who paint pictures with his beats and tracks.

    Undefeated X-ray is a trend-setter and has never been a follower nor ever tried to fit-in like the others.

    You can hear Bright of Buk Bak gave him a shout-out in his 2nd verse on their hit song "Kolom". He's well-connected and well-respected.

    To all his fans and critics, the most anticipated mixtape "DEATH B4 DISHONOR" is cooking in  and he will be served to the music industry soon.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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