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    Nii Amaah makes a comeback

    by Daily Guide
    posted Thursday, 27 August 2009 17:47| 0 Comments

    German-based Ghanaian musician, Nii Amaah, whose music has gone down well with music lovers in Ghana and Europe, arrived home a couple of day ago to release his fourth album titled Black Beauty.

    As one of Ghana’s seasoned highlife musicians, Nii, whose songs made a big impact on the Ghanaian music scene between 1984 and 1997, has announced that all is set for the release of his latest album next week.

    Being one of the successful foreign-based Ghanaian musicians, Nii Amaah told BEATWAVES in an interview that his visit to his Ghana was to re-launch his image on the Ghanaian music scene.

    He explained that whilst in Germany, he played an active role in the promotion of Ghanaian music in Europe and beyond. He also staged a series of live musical performances with Deep Spirit Band, made up of five Germans and three Ghanaians.

    Nii Amaah’s success story began in 1984 when he came out with his maiden album, Emesie Me Feelings, after he had performed alongside a number of musical groups in Ghana.

    He hinted that he started his musical career in Ghana and disclosed that he started singing at the age of 14 at Kotobabi in Accra. He added that his dream of making it to the top forced him to join bands like Big Eye, Octupus, Amakye Dede’s Apollo High Kings Band, among others and was hailed for his outstanding performances.

    He made the whole nation scream and swoon when he released his maiden hit album Emesie Me Feelings with hit song, ‘To Odo Ho Ndwom’, in 1984.

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