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    We need creative council - Daddy Bosco

    by Nii Ogbamey Tetteh, News One
    posted Wednesday, 13 March 2013 14:34| 0 Comments

    Administrator and Consultant for the  Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) Daddy Bosco has hinted that one of the things he will like the industry to do with the GH¢3million allocated it  is to set up a Creative Council.

    After the Finance Minister, Seth Terpker, read the 2013 budget and the amount allocated to the creative industry was spelt out clearly, Bosco told NEWS ONE:

    “One of the things that I will say is a crucial requirement in our industry is the establishment of a creative council because it will ensure the progressive movement of the creative industry.”

    Daddy Bosco, who is known in real life as Ahuma Bosco Ocansey, said the council, which should be made up of filmmakers, book writers, painters and musicians among others, would regulate and adjudicate the work of the creative Industry.

    “I believe that should be the first step for the new ministry [Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts] under this new budget and once that council is in place, it will be like the engine room for the industry,” he said.

    “I’m expecting the new ministry to work closely with the copyright collection society like GHAMRO, the body in charge of audiovisual rights and the writers and publishers copyright among others to put up a strategic plan that will arrest this calamity of piracy.

    If this is done, it will be a monumental move in the area of strengthening the creative industry.

    If you talk to eight out of ten musicians, they will tell you that the issue of piracy is the bane of our industry,” Daddy Bosco said.
    MUSIGA has already expressed its willingness to work closely with the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Elizabeth Ofosu-Agyare, in order to achieve desired results for the creative industry and for Ghana as a whole.

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