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    John Mensah Sarpong success story

    by Daily Guide
    posted Thursday, 10 September 2009 11:29| 0 Comments

    The President of the Ghana Association of Phonographic Industry (GAPI), John Mensah Sarpong, has appealed to all stakeholders in the music industry to bury their differences, and unite to address the many challenges facing the industry.

    “What I personally see is that some of the causes of the problems within the music industry are personality clashes, power struggles, mistrust and misinformation”, he stated.

    According to him all these negative attitudes tend to undermine the unity among the stakeholders, which would in the long term bring about the collapse of the industry as a whole.

    In a chat with BEATWAVES John Mensah Sarpong said he would continue to create an enabling environment to facilitate smooth operation in the industry.

    He hinted that during his reign, as the president of the association, he worked tirelessly toward the payment of royalties to music producers; organized seminars to upgrade the skills of the stakeholders in the industry.

    Some of the highlights on the list of achievement were; the collection of royalties for the members of the association, the acquisition of a 25-acre piece of land for the creation of a cultural village and the permanent erection of an office complex in Kumasi.

    He was also able to seek sponsorship from organizations like BUSAC, among others, which funded capacity-building in the music industry. BUSAC also funded a study visit for members of GAPI to some countries.

    He stated that his recent visit to Europe has created opportunities for the Ghanaian music industry, adding that a number of investors have shown interest in the industry.

    He revealed that the Norwegian copyright Association (NORCODE) was ready to assist the Ghanaian music industry to embark on a sustainable anti-piracy exercise in the country.

    He explained that during his reign as the leader of GAPI, the association signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Add Pages, an Internet Service provider in Norway, to establish a bank in Ghana to support the music industry.

    The deal will also offer an opportunity for Ghanaian musicians to collaborate with their counterparts in Europe.

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