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    New Music Ghana Festival launched in the Northern region

    by Abdul Karim Naatogmah, citifmonline.com
    posted Tuesday, 16 July 2013 21:34| 1 Comments

    The Institute for Music and Development (IMD) has launched the 2013 New Music Ghana Festival (NMGF) in Tamale.

    With support from the Goethe Institute and other donor agencies in Denmark, the project seeks to highlight northern Ghanaian rhythms to meet international standard.

    Through this intervention, young talents in the northern region will be offered the opportunity to use contemporary music to gain international stardom.

    At the official launch in Tamale, National Director for the New Music Ghana Festival, Korkor Amateifio encouraged the participants to penetrate into the international arena with contemporary music.

    She said its extension to the northern region was in honour of three of Ghana’s illustrious musicians, namely, Professor Kwabena Amoako, Faisal Hailwani and the divine drama, GHANABA.

    According to Madam Korkor, the project began in 2009 with the objective of projecting the youth between the ages of 15 and 25 who will be mentored by veteran musicians.

    She pledged the Institute for Music and Development’s commitment to fast track the exodus of contemporary Ghanaian music to the international community.

    She emphasized that the future of Ghanaian music depended on showcasing the nation’s rich cultural heritage in the international community.

    Programmes Assistant of Goethe Institute, Rebecca Adama observed that there was much to be unearthed in the Ghanaian music industry to make contemporary music popular in the Diaspora.

    She expressed the Goethe Institute’s endeavor to deepen its collaboration with the Institute for Music and Development to achieve the set objective.

    Director of the Tamale Youth Home Dance Troupe, Abdul Rahaman Mohammed Takoro lauded the project and promised to make it survive in the northern region.

    He however called for the establishment of music school in the northern region to connect the rich culture the area is endowed with to the outside world.

    The festival brought together four competing groups comprising the Bisung Band, Bright Stars Band, North Wings Band and Youth Home Band.

    At the end of the competition, the Youth Home Band emerged victorious.

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