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    Bola Ray’s Radio station Empire 102.7 ready for take off

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 04 October 2013 15:39| 0 Comments

    Contrary to speculations that Joy FM’s Kwabena Anokye Adisi aka Bola Ray will be leaving the station to establish his own radio station, the award-winning presenter has debunked the rumours, admitting that he is indeed setting up his own radio station but he is not leaving Joy FM.

    After gaining 10 years of experience as host of Joy FM’s Drive Time, CEO of Empire Entertainment, Bola Ray thinks it is time to set up his own radio station.

    In a couple of weeks, Bola Ray’s Empire 102.7 FM, a radio station located in Takoradi will begin transmission.

    Last Thursday, a visibly excited Bola told Showbiz, “I want to create employment for people; I know there are great talents who want platforms to bring out what they have so I took it upon myself to help such people.”

    He was quick to add that he is still with Joy FM despite speculations making the rounds that he would be leaving the station soon. Bola Ray explained that his boss Kwesi Twum, CEO of Multimedia Group Of Companies is aware of the radio station he has established and has given him his full support.

    “Joy FM pays me very well and I don’t intend leaving there, the least I can do is to transmit my programme on Joy FM at Empire FM which my boss is very cool with” Bola said.

    Explaining further, Bola Ray said Joy FM has given him good exposure, he recently won the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) Radio Show Host of the Year and he is not leaving Joy anytime soon. “I appreciate everything Joy has done in my life and I thank God for working there,” he added.

    Throwing more light on his new baby, Bola, who has always dreamt of establishing his own radio station, said recruitment is still in progress for people who are interested in radio.
    “ As we speak now, our jingles are ready, our members of staff  are almost complete even though we are still recruiting, I believe in a couple of weeks, Empire 102.7 FM will be running” Bola said.

    Talking about this year’s Back InThe Day concert scheduled for December 6, Bola toldShowbiz that American Hiphop artistes Naughty by Nature will be on the bill as well as Kontihene and other surprise acts.

    Currently managing musicians Guru, Dobble and  Dr Slim, Bola Ray, who is also the brain-child of Ghana Meets Naija said he is most grateful to all his loyal listeners because they made him who he is today and he dedicates his CIMG award to them.’

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