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    Emklan Music to launch the Emklan Gold project

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 09 November 2009 12:17| 0 Comments

    Emklan Music, a subsidiary of Emklan Group is set to launch a music project dubbed Emklan Gold. The Emklan Gold project has three components, comprising of music and video compilation as well as a nationwide tour.


    The project will serve as an alternative platform for already established artistes to keep their career active whiles preparing their respective albums; it is also aimed at providing a platform for new artiste to launch their musical career.



    Some artistes featured on the compilation include Okyeame Quophi, Dela, Ruky Da Zongo Boy, Kin Flava, Kapusta, Jennifer Bergner and Future Warrior.


    What distinguishes the Emklan Gold compilation from others is that videos will be shot for all songs on the compilation and put out on the market for music lovers to purchase.


    The nationwide tour component of the project will allow music fans across Ghana to interact and watch artistes on the compilation perform their various songs. The tour will also be used to recruit new artiste to feature on the next edition of Emklan Gold. This will provide opportunity for musicians in all ten regions to be heard.


    The Chief Executive Officer of Emklan Group, Okyeame Quophi disclosed that Emklan Gold will be an annual project and will contribute significantly to the development of talent in Ghana’s music industry.


    The 15 track music compilation has a great deal of commercial appeal and is expected to fill dance floors when released. Tracks like Ama by Okyeame Quophi, Lonely by Ruky featuring Sarkodie, Dela’s "Got Me Bound" featuring Asem and Riche, "Bye Bye" by Jennifer Bergner and "Michel Obama" by Kin Flava are already enjoying lots of airplay


    Emklan Gold is slated for release in December.

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