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    Cold Eye moving into higher heights

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 24 December 2008 07:22| 0 Comments
    Photo: Ghana Music.comCold Eye is considered to be one of the iconic sound engineer/producer of the Ghanaian music industry and was among the elite class of engineers that Samini used for on his new album.

    Entering the cine field in the late 90s, when there was not much technology to speak of, he managed to bag international accreditations and good reviews worldwide in countries like Sweden, UK, and more international music scene.

    Cold Eye has been on the Ghanaian music scene for a while now, writing and arranging, producing albums, at his former Dansoman based studio – Cold Eye Records. He's known for all that. But hey, Cold Eye is back, still standing strong than ever with new projects. I guess people are wondering 'whats up' with him. The Ghana branch is now been relocated to Agboogba with state-of-the-art sound engineering equipments.

    Some chose to call him Cold Eye or Stone but I chose to call him Cold Eye. Cold Eye has become one of the most pivotal and successful gems in not only R&B but in hip hop, afropop and soul. Penning and producing hits for the likes of Samini, Chana, Ex Doe, Ogabe, King Ayisoba, Tinny, Sugar Ranking, Nasty Tay, Humble and lots of international artistes,Cold Eye has good news for musicians.

    There is gonna be a Cold Eye studios in Dubai, you heard me right, I said Dubai. First it was Sweden, UK, then Ghana and now it’s the oil rich country, Dubai.

    Apart from being an excellent sound engineer, Cold Eye is respected by all his colleagues. “He is extremely humble and a very friendly person”, Nasty Tay, a new hiplife/hiphop said of him.

    Cold Eye has many unwrapped upcoming projects for the industry that he has stayed in humbly. For more information please contact Cold Eye Records via email at charlie@coldeyerecords.com or call 233 24 3358013.

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