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    “Knockout Concepts” shows the way for music marketing

    by Samuel Baah, flexghana.com
    posted Wednesday, 22 January 2014 13:16| 1 Comments

    The solution to our problems in the music industry is very near to us because some individuals have decided to work at all means possible to make sure the plight of many musicians are reduced if not wiped away. Over the years, sales of our musical works have been limited to our shores until technology came crushing down the remains we could boast off.

    Currently, the bane of the Ghanaian musician has been how to market his or her songs across the boundaries of Ghana and yet make enough money to cater for his production cost without great losses. Thanks to the guys at Knock- Out concepts, a solution is just at a hand reach: grab it.

    In the next few days ahead of us, Knock Out Concepts led by Roger Kubi and D.J. Flexy will be introducing to music rights owners one acclaimed individual who is everything when it comes to marketing music world wide.

    In fact going through her tall list of achievements in her profile, there are no two ways that this lady is a “one stop shop” in the business of music marketing, production and promotion. She is in the person of Cassandra Goins who has under her portfolio a wealth of business acumen in terms of music promotion and marketing.

    She has worked with the following music distribution and promotion agencies like Light Year Entertainment, Putumuto World Music, Tuff Gong International, Shang Records, Sony Music, Epic, Simbo Artiste Management, Walt Disney Studios, Touchstone Films, OBST Productions, and Paramount Pictures as well as many production houses which cannot be listed here for lack of space.

    Now the pace has been set by Knock- Out Concepts to make the job easier for Ghanaian musicians and music rights owners to get either their albums or songs out to the world. All one has to do is to call this number  0302-917430 to get to them for negotiations to begin as far as making your product available  and registering are concerned. The wait is over; get your music to the world as Cassandra Goin comes to Ghana on the wings of two of the industry`s most hard working guys Flexy and Roger to market and promote your songs world wide. Industry people should note this, the woman (Cassandra Goin) will be in Ghana from 18th January to 22nd January so those who desire to contact Knock -Out Concepts should do that now or never.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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