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    “Lions don't eat lions” Akwasi Aboagye advises

    by Kwame Dadzie, flexghana.com
    posted Wednesday, 22 January 2014 16:02| 0 Comments

    Host of Peace FM's 'Entertainment Review,' Kwasi Aboagye, has advised entertainment presenters from openly criticizing their counterparts on other platforms.

    In response to the question about what he thought arts presenters had done in 2013 that needed to be changed for the betterment of the creative arts, he told host Kwame Dadzie in a studio discussion on Vision FM's  entertainment show 'Arts and People' that it was bad as presenters to find faults with their colleagues.

    “For me, I don't see a lion eating a lion. It has been one of my philosophies that no matter how hungry a lion is, it doesn't eat other lions. I find it very worrying and disturbing when I get entertainment journalists or hosts punching holes in what their brothers do. For me I've had people who attack my personality and show but I don't really care about that,” he said.

    He went ahead to advise that each player in their respective fields should do what they know doing best and stop bashing people for doing what they do. He added that entertainment presenters cannot do the same thing so while some shows cover all the departments of the arts, others can also limit theirs to the major arts forms.

    “Another problem I have is when people want you to do what somebody else is doing. We all can't do the same thing. We all can't like rice and chicken. You see even in sports we have football dominating at the expense of the others. Yes, it is good to do what you do but not force everybody to live a certain way,” he explained.

    This coming from a senior presenter in this field sends out signals of unification to entertainment media personnel who bear grudges against each other. Flex newspaper looks forward to seeing entertainment presenters in the country acting more brotherly this year than in 2013. Things that need to be addressed should be well said to avoid rancor.

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