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    Sound engineer Fredyma has trained 73 people in Ghana

    by Samuel A. Baah, flexghana.com
    posted Tuesday, 18 February 2014 01:07| 1 Comments

    The Ghanaian entertainment industry might have heard enough about popular sound engineer and entertainment critic Fred Kyei Mensah aka Fredyma but what they might know is the fact that he has trained 73 sound engineers in Ghana alone.

    This revelation was made public on 205 Total Entertainment at Channel R 92.7fm last week Friday during their entertainment discussion show hosted by the affable Christian Agyei Frimpong.

    Christian took Fredyma by surprise and asked him to tell listeners some of his achievements in the entertainment industry at large.

    Starting with some personal information like where and when he was born and raised up as a young person, Fredyma continued 'I am among the first people in this recording business who started using computers when they were introduced in the business proper.

    I must say that at that time business was good and all the properties I can boast of now was raised out of this music business I started.

    Unfortunately, the story is now a different thing altogether these days with serious hardship all over. The industry is no more paying and because of that some of us are thinking of moving out of it completely to consider other businessesî he noted.

    After some interruptions on the airwaves, Mr Fred Kyei Mensah came back and dropped one information which came as a shock to the host himself. It is interesting to note that some of the people I trained in this profession sometimes have to help me out when I am in some financial needs of a sort.

    For instance, Appietus gave me $100 and I appreciate that till now. Can you imagine that I have trained 73 sound engineers in this country who  are all doing well and successful in their chosen profession. So if this industry were to be truthful, then people like us should be rich and held in high esteem. I always pray for them in their endeavours because I brought them upî Fredyma told Christian on radio.

    Among the 73 sound engineers trained by Fredyma, there is no popular sound engineer in the industry currently who has never worked with him. Yet, he respects them all and therefore they also respect him back.


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