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    Flexy defends Akwaboah

    by Nii Ogbamey Tetteh, News One
    posted Wednesday, 19 March 2014 12:35| 0 Comments

    Flexy, Public Relations Officer for celebrated musician Akwaboah, has cleared the air on issues surrounding the nomination of his artiste in the New Artiste of the Year category of this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs).

    Reports in the media suggest that Akwaboah, who has won several awards with some of the songs he wrote and composed, did not deserve to be  nominated in the New Artiste of the Year Category in the 15th edition of the VGMAs because he had won awards on the same platform for some songs he had written and composed.

    But Flexy told NEWS-ONE that according to the standards of Charter House and the VGMA Board, being a song writer or composer did not make one a musician.

    “There has been several controversies surrounding the nomination list of the VGMAs and Akwaboah’s nomination is no exception as far as the entire nominations over the years at the VGMAs is concerned.

    Akwaboah writes songs but he didn’t sing and perform those songs .Yes, he was in a band—as a behind the scenes guy and all that—but his career as a musician or an artiste started with the release of his song ‘I do Love You’ in 2013,” the YFM presenter who doubles as the host of Talk Showbiz on eTV stated.

    For some time now, Gladstorm Kwabena Akwaboah has been working behind the scenes with various artistes writing and composing songs for them. Some of these songs include Becca’s ‘Daa ke Daa’, Efya’s ‘Best in Me’ and DSP Kofi Sarpong’s ‘Ayeyi Ndwom’ among others.

    Charter House defines an artiste who qualifies for the New Artiste of the year category as someone whose songs were officially released and performed during the calendar year.

    “Akwaboah as a writer and a composer has been around for a while but Akwaboah as a musician or artiste came out in 2013. So you see, the definition of New Artiste of the Year by Charter House and the VGMA Board justifies his nomination because the very day he came out with his work as an artiste was when he released his song ‘I do Love You’ in 2013. What Charter House and the VGMA Board use for their nomination is a song that you performed on your own and not the ones you have written that lands you into the New Artiste of the Year category.

    “He didn’t file Becca’s ‘Daa ke Daa’ or Efya’s ‘Best in me’; the artistes did that themselves. Those songs are not his works. He just wrote the songs and it happened that those songs where good songs that they had to consider whoever wrote them. We cannot go and stand somewhere and say that Akwaboah wrote songs so it makes him a musician. I don’t get that argument,” Flexy said.

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