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    We don’t know Paedae or R2Bees – MUSIGA replies Paedae’s Twitter rants

    by zionflex.com
    posted Saturday, 22 March 2014 22:33| 0 Comments

    “The Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has taken a swipe at Paedae, a member of  hiplife duo R2bees for saying the union lacks common sense.

    According to MUSIGA, its outfit is unaware of any musician or a group called R2bees.

    Last week, Paedae, half of the multiple award-winning hiplife duo, R2bees went on a twitter spree to rant about Ghana music industry describing it as an industry where leaders do nothing for its members.

    Faisal Hakeem, as he is called in real life took to twitter to pour out his frustration (MUSIGA Has Big Brains But Not Common Sense – Paedae Laments) calling for better remuneration, effective institution for revenue collection and a working structure to support and promote Ghanaian music to reach its deserving heights.

    He likened the music industry to the Black Stars without a Ghana Football Association (GFA) and pointed out that the industry lacked common sense since the leaders employed to run the industry had “big brains” but lacked “common sense”.

    Reacting to the comment, the National Welfare Officer of the Union, Mr. J. V. Owusu rubbished the claims and denied knowing any artist by name Paedae.

    Mr. J. V. Owusu in an interview with Ashh fm entertainment zone last Sunday, said Paedae and his group has no locus to criticize Musiga.

    ‘’In the first place who is Paedae or R2bees?  Musiga as a union doesn’t know them, they are not card bearing members, they don’t pay dues, and they don’t come to our meetings. What is he talking about’’? He said.

    He said card bearing members of the union were aware of the hardworking of the current executives. ‘’We are doing our best to upgrade the welfare of our members, so this people must come again’’.

    ‘’If Paedae and his R2bees or whatever they call themselves have a problem they should come to the office and deliberate with us and stop the media gimmick’’

    Mr. Owusu however condemned Paedae and stated emphatically that the union will not condone such utterances from any musician or industry player.”

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