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    The youth are deviating from the original rap music - Ambolley

    by Euphemia Akpalu, Hitz FM
    posted Thursday, 26 March 2015 16:27| 0 Comments

    Music maestro Gyedu Blay Ambolley says the youth doing rap music now are deviating from the original style and are rather copying from elsewhere.

    According to him, the new form of rap is “a total deviation to the approach that we were doing because some who have entered into music now speak Patois which is a total deviation.

    “If you talk about dancehall music, everybody knows that it came from Jamaica but when we talk about Ghana, instead of portraying what we have, we are rather copying and our people are having fun with it thinking that this is what is happening and we are doing it but it's a total deviation,” he added.

    Ambolley made the observation while speaking in an interview with Doreen Avio on Wednesday, March 25 2015's edition of the Hitz FM's Entertainment News.

    He was confirming a point made by Professor John Collins, a lecturer at the University of Ghana Legon, that Ambolley is the originator of rap.

    Asked if it would be okay to call him the Father of Rap music or the Godfather of rap music, he said, “originator of rap music.”

    The legend said he released his first album in 1973 way before the American hiphop group Sugarhill Gang released their first rap single in 1979.

    He said he is working on correcting the assertion by the Guinness Book of Records that credits Sugarhill Gang as the pioneer of rap music.

    He added that, “rap is an African thing already and we've been doing it here before our brothers and sisters were sent away to the Caribbean's and Americans and so if the professor has said that, then it is.”

    Ambolley also advised the current generation of Ghanaian rappers to take the different local Ghanaian beat and infuse the beats with what we have to create other forms of music.

    “The north people have different forms of music and you can take the beat and also infuse the beats with what we have to create another form of music and put your language on it and let them know the identification of what we have here.”

    He added that, “I don't blame them because, everything has come to be a computerized form of music and one man will sit down and cut and paste sounds and everything then you go and rap to it.”

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