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    Isaac Ashun aka The Boy, the young manager behind many Ghanaian musicians

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 12 June 2016 11:24| 0 Comments

    Isaac Ashun, more popularly known as ‘The Boy’, is one of those rare, successful young artiste managers who work behind the scenes.

    Because he doesn’t give many interviews or share personal information on social media, Isaac maintains an air of mystery.

    In a world saturated with overhyped superstars, Isaac has managed to separate himself from the herd. Isaac does not see himself as a celebrity, but a hard working artiste manager who needs the work done and done well.

    An example of such music personalities Isaac has been part of management team are Sarkodie, Fuse ODG, Stay Jay, Guru, Donzy, Ruff N Smooth and many more.

    Hard working Isaac decided to join the train in the music industry at a very young age when he noticed he had the passion for music, he spent some amount of years working around artistes and sound engineers such as Obour, Richie Mensah, Possigee and currently manages The Twinz R&B music group with the promotion of their songs.

    He explains to Ghana Music.com that amongst the artistes that he's worked with, Sarkodie and Fuse ODG are musicians with a business mind when we met him for this interview.

    After his achievement with all the above mentioned artiste, he has shifted to larger projects in the music industry by helping other upcoming artiste.

    Isaac works with Kwik Impressions Limited as the director of the highly respected firm for some time now.

    He has also managed the celeb life of persons such as Jordan Ayew, Gloria Sarfo, Jay Foley and many more celebrities in Ghana.

    Currently a level 300 student of Data Link University reading Bachelor of Science in ICT, he still finds time to fuse his studies and music life.

    He began his love affair with music at the tender age of 17 playing the drums in church and later mingled with several upcoming artistic and gifted artistes.

    He concludes that the Ghanaian music industry is full of surprises and urges all to focus and join in the march for its glories.

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