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    True lies about sound engineer Nacy found

    by Stephen Nakujah, Flex Newspaper
    posted Tuesday, 11 May 2010 09:04| 0 Comments

    Are you one of those who cannot get his signature tune very well? This education is from Flex Newspaper but unfortunately Nacy did not pay us any dime to do this public education for him. Now when you hear hit gospel songs on radio with the catchy phrase “Naacyyyyyyy” continued with “Fetew Nwom No” which simply  literally means “mix the song”, you know its from Nacy.

    Lately, one sound engineer who has brought gospel music on its feet and is really keeping that ministry growing stronger is Nacy whose real name is Nana Sei, a native of the Ashanti region.

    Shifting from his My Life Studio to Nacy Records, he has made many gospel artistes under his belt. There are so many magical stunts that this budding sound engineer has added to his credits that many Nacy fans do not know about.

    This is what this article is all about and mind you, all stated facts were gotten from people who have worked with him and we found it in our own ways.

    He has been described as very jovial, funny but one person who does not take his work for fun but tackles it very seriously. During a recent radio entertainment discussion programme, one panelist described him as the “T-Pain” of Ghana. This comment came on the basis that he is one artiste and beat maker who has featured many artistes in Ghana to make hits in the gospel industry.

    In the headline of this article, Flex Newspaper has also described him as the man with the magical music ears which will not be understood easily by readers, but keep reading between the lines and you will agree with the headline.

    Now speak with gospel music fans and they will describe him as the military man “fully armed Soldier Man” who shouts “hoi” to his subordinates to obey his commands. According to our gossips, that military command was not a planned thing but in my words was very “accidental”.

    The story behind it has it that, Cecilia Marfo upon hearing her songs recorded beautifully by Nacy, the only surprising word which came out of her was “Hoi” an expression for being satisfied.

    So when the magic ears of Nacy heard this expression of wonderment, he decided to add it to the already recorded song. He did and that is making waves even more than the lyrics of the song writer. In an interview with Cecilia Marfo, she revealed to Flex that her new name that people call her now is “Hoi” and she is okay with that.

    That notwithstanding, Nacy also added his voice to the song singing in a Fante language perfectly even though he is an Ashanti. On languages, Nacy has been heard sometimes singing in foreign languages like Yoruba, Igbo and a whole lot. This is just a few of his achievements but even with this, he qualifies as a genius.

    "Are you here? Let me see your hand! Moa Ye ready". Hope you know where these lines are coming from? This is the opener of Florence Obinim`s 'Okyeso Nyame' which qualified for many categories in this year`s Ghana Music Awards. The magic here once again is that during the original recording, those openers were not part of the actual song but when Florence went into the studio booth for another recording, she started with those phrases for fun.

    Once again, Nacy`s magic ears heard this statement and the next thing he did was to call Florence Obinim back to record those lines. Our informants even told us Florence was reluctant initially but when she finally did, that part of the song is once again making the headlines.

    Hope you will now agree with Flex when we write that Nacy has magic ears and that is what distinguishes him from other sound engineers in Ghana. Well, we will limit it now because the experiences can go on unabated but not without taking a look at his voice which is easily changed to suit any style of recording he does at his own will.

    At this very moment, I will urge you to take this warning from Flex Newspaper for free anytime you visit Nacy`s Studio at Mataheko in  Accra. Whenever he is in his elements recording songs, make sure you put your fingers on your lips because any sound or noise you make can push you into the studio booth for a serious recording.

    This particular piece is labeled behind the scene due to time constraints as of the time of writing. Stephen Kenneth Nakujah will sit with him this week to respond to all the “allegations” which have been leveled against him for his response.

    Do you care to know the secret behind his sharp musical ears? Simple people: get the next week`s edition of Flex newspaper and all other things shall be added unto you. And finally, do you want to make music but afraid of hitting?

    Write any bogus song, book a recording time at Nacy Records and feature him to put his voice on it. This is it. As we wait patiently for the out come: it`s “Naacyyyyyyyy: Fetew Nwom no”. You can also txt your questions to be asked Nacy via phone number 0277-128777 for your answers to be published next week.


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